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Dare I risk it?

I would like to go to a shop in a nearby town to collect a Bike stand for my Trail Bike.
It would save me the cost of postage etc.
But it is a round trip of 38 Miles.
Approx. 6 miles of it is constant uphill with one mile section really steep…
At least I would get some good Regen on the way back down! :smiley:
So do you think the Twizy will make it in this ‘warm’ weather we are having…
I fancy giving it a go, it would show the Twizy is capable of more than the small commute to work and back!
Any thoughts much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Go for it :smiley: you could always get a 10 min charge at the shop, I always like a challenge :lol:

You should manage it quite easily, especially if you take advantage of the hill on the way back!

I do a round trip of 36 miles every day on one charge and in this weather I do it easily.

Now the warmer weather is here I’m back to nearly 50miles range and that is with some big hills. So you should make it easily.
Simply take your time up the hill if you can. You can always use any spare power on the way back.

Thanks for the replys, I will try it on Saturday :smiley:
I have thought of a Contingency plan if the worse happens.
On the return Leg (After approx. 32 Miles) I can make a small detour and if needed stop off In the the City Shopping Centre.
They have over 100 Charging Points so I can get a Top-Up if needed :slight_smile:


Good luck looks like an easy trip in this warmer weather. I had my range showing 53 mile left after the first 2.5 miles of the commute to work. It had been off charge for 8 hours. Usually the range goes up on the trip home just before I hit a big hill.

I risked it today and the Twizy made it! :smiley:
Clocked up 38.1 Miles in total which was exactly what Google Maps predicted :slight_smile:
Arrived home with just 5 miles remaining according to the Guessometer :smiley:
Put it on charge and the Battery was down to 10%
If the terrain had been a little flatter I guess 45 Miles would be the Maximum range in Warm weather.


Glad you made it. It gives you the confidence to try other longer trips.

Good result, thought you would make it easily