Dash cam


As any of you fitted a dash cam on his Twizy?

After a few near misses and a crach where the other driver drove off a few years ago I am looking for a small dash cam.

Not too big, big wide angle, good spec for night vision and one that can wistand the constant bashing while driving on the bumpy roads.



I am on my 2nd Dashcam in my Twizy :slight_smile:
The first one I used to plug in in and out every time I used the car, and eventually the mount wore out!
My current one is fixed to the screen with an adhesive pad.
Please note that I have lockable windows fitted to my Twizy.

It is plugged into the glovebox and I just fitted it and forgot it!.
The wire is hidden in the plastic trim down the left hand side of the windscreen.
This dashcam has a WiFi feature so you can download footage remotely to your Mobile phone.
It’s not fast but it does work.
Just bear in mind when buying a dashcam the window arc when the windscreen wiper is working.
The dashcam needs to be mounted in that area


This is mine.

Thanks for the info.