Daytime Lights

Read quite a few posts on lighting upgrades to LED but decided against them as the lights are OK for me. However I have fitted some daytime running lights so I can be seen. Wired them to the 12v socket so they come on with the ignition, they cost £9 for all 6 and are 15w each. I think they pretty good.

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Looks a good addition. How do you turn them off even driving at night?

I don’t, if the ignition is on the lights are on just like modern cars with front running lights. They are not as noticeable when the headlights are on and are far enough away from the indicators so as not to interfere with the visibility of the indicators.

Looks like a nice fit that you have made, but I am pretty sure that your DRL has to turn off or at least dim when you turn on the normal lights. Therefore you should use a R87 relais when connecting them.
Thomas V.
Here is a photo of my Twizy with Magneti Marelli DRL

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