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De-restricting the Twizy: 0-62mph in 3-4 seconds

Vichet’s claims above are extremely interesting so thought I would start a new thread on this issue.

Vichet, should you be disclosing such information or would it get you in trouble?

If not, please could you explain what would be needed to unrestrict the Twizy so that we can get more acceleration and top speed out of it?

Can you imagine sitting at some traffic lights next to some boy racer in his Focus ST, and then pulling away faster than him?! :wink:

That happens now.

Always first away and in the lead for about 10-20 metres then they catch up.

Though 0-62 in that time would be even more impressive, but lethal in the snow. Maybe have a kill switch, on for BAU, off for A&E. :biggrin:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m faster off the line than almost anything else on the road, but you always get the sort that want to try and beat you (and inevitably have to rev their engine so much in order to do so). Would be nice to just kick the Twizy up a gear and make them look like fools :slight_smile:

I suspect the way to do it would be to get a new controller – the company which makes the controller has told me in the past that it does a higher power one which could quite easily get the Twizy doing silly things.

Motor-wise, I’m not sure how fast the motor would happily spin before self-destructing. It is a small AC motor, so you’d have to check manufactures’ specifications. Unlike some of the other Renault-Nissan vehicles (which use in-house motors, controllers, and battery packs,) I understand the Twizy uses modified off-the-shelf controllers and motors. Don’t quote me on that though :slight_smile:

UPDATE: As I thought, our German friends are already ahead of us in this respect :slight_smile: http://www.vectrix-forum.de/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=72&func=view&catid=20&id=6227 (You’ll need to speak German, or use a translation tool)


Well I used the Bing translator and got the jist of what is being said.

Basically there is some software and cable available that will allow you into the controller of the electric motors system.

The PDF here


Is in english and is a guide to the software.

I’ll be honest its made me all giddy.

Not sure I can strech to the prices though.

Must also affect battery warranty.

This looks pretty awesome. We could make the Twizy go full speed in reverse :wink:

Bassflex, how much is this software and the cable to attach to the Twizy?

Hope you are sitting down.


Not sure if the software is on the equipment.

There is a hand held but it claims you are limited to what peramiters you can change. Sods law all the ones you want. :rolleyes:


This is the same as Nikki point to on the German site. $850 is a bit steep just to see if it can be done. So they were proposing a group funding, but could not agree on who had the time and skills to do the work.

There are some thoughts that the current config is not necessary optimised. More regen could be set as well as how much power the motor was supplied.
So we need some one with deep pockets and a the right skill set :smiley:

Well Cough there appears to be a few people with deep pockets judging by their car history! Cough :wink:

What better wait to test than trial and error!

I would be up for group funding this. Let me know if anyone fancies the challenge.

On second thoughts I could put a call out and advertise this on the site. Call for donations from all Twizy owners around the world. We just need to find someone with the right skill set…

One word: warranty 8-|

I wonder if there’s a place which would hire out a controller and software? I know some places do the same with curtis controllers…

And since Sevcon has a place in the UK, I’m sure it could be cheaper through the UK :slight_smile:

Update: Looks like it may be possible without the programmer :slight_smile:


That site does allow you to hire the hand held version. But its in the USA

I would love a go at this, not had a lot of time to read it tbh, but the software looks easy to use compared with some of the stuff we do these days. £850 is a bit steep though, but you could reasonably charge £100 to pep up the performance a bit, should reduce the initial outlay a bit.


That site does allow you to hire the hand held version. But its in the USA[/quote]

I bet there’s a place in the UK you can hire from.

Not found any yet.

Wonder what Renault use?

0-60 in 4 seconds, in a Twizy?
Sounds very unlikely. OK I can see that 60 mph would be possible, but I don’t see how you can significantly increase (x2) the torque of an electric motor without burning it out.
But if it is possible, that a Twizy can be software modded into a performance car, count me in.