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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Dealer Customer Service

Twizzle (my wifes name for the car) had a trip to Toomey Renault Basildon today for some TLC. Need a new door catch and a new stalk switch for the trip computer… Customer Service was excellent with courteous reception, choice of courtesy car or chauffer back to work with return pick up. Not sure the mechanic (sorry, EV Specialist) believed my fault finding: seemed to assume I should accept the door rattle and the trip computer didn’t have alternative displays? They checked with the showroom model to see if I was correct? Parts now ordered for a return trip. Customer Service receptionist had plugged the car in to charge as they waited for me to pick up, and locked it away in the new car collection point. Score 9/10.

Glad to hear it went reasonably well, you will be pleased when the display works properly no doubt.

Good they charged it and kept it away from people.

If it was another brand and not Renault, they may have fitted the stalk and catch off the display model to save you the return trip…

Yep, was hoping that they would have swapped the components over… they have two Twizys - one grey and green that looks quite good, but an awful looking Green on Black with the white colour wheels. Not certain whether their would be any parts in the UK.

The white wheels really haven’t grown on me… thinking of spraying them black and picking out the Renault logo and edges of the diamond in a silver.

If they had two, I would have “suggested” they swap the bits over-a static display model would not be affected by a duff stalk and rattly door! Did they give a reason why not and how long they expected the parts to take to arrive?

I suppose neither part is crucial and if the parts were essential to running it, they may have done the swap-they may believe the parts will arrive quickly too.
I will be interested to see how long it takes them to come-keep us updated!

Re: white wheel trims-I prefer the grey ones on the Urban to the white-especially if the car itself is not white. I wonder when some funky aftermarket trims or alternative alloy wheels will surface?

I spray cars for a living and would suggest being very diligent and taking your time if spraying trims as they have a tendency to flake and chip with all the chemicals, jet washing and grief they get.

It sounds easy, but to make them look good and last well, they must be scrupulously cleaned with panel wipe and then “scuffed over” with abrasive pads before using a plastic primer, wet flatting that smooth, colouring it with spray colour then if needed top coat them using a quality clearcoat lacquer.
I would prefer original quality white ones to a poor repaint!


The first of a flow of after market alloys for low profile tyres are on the way. Anyone for an even harder ride? No. thought not :lol:

These just look absolutely awful. Not sure why anyone would spoil their Twizy with a set! lol

That low profile tyre removes 50% of the suspension. We rely on the tyre sidewalls to flex. I really do not like the way they stick out from the tyre.

mm…“pimping your ride” in the wrong direction in my humble opinion

I could understand wanting to make the ride softer, but harder :o

Agree those wheels are dreadful, regardless :lol: