Is there any Twizy owner in the Surrey / Sussex area who would let me ride in their Twizy and experience it’s reality . I want to buy one , as a ‘boytoy’…but am I being a silly old man ? I need experience so I can decide …anyone going on a short holiday who’ll rent it to me ?

I’m based way up north in West Yorkshire unfortunately, but all I can say is it’s great fun but not fast at all, and a very hard ride. Mine doesn’t have doors so it’s a real ‘open air’ feeling in the sun and you feel like it’s going faster than it is. It’s my best toy I ever bought for sure but it’s quite niche and you get a lot of people staring.

Thanks …Yorkshire and no doors …well done !
I suppose that even tho there are many issues about owning one virtually every owner loves the experience even if it’s for a short length of time .
Hope in a couple of months someone might sell one at a price so I can then cope with the lease costs …


I have just put my twizy up for sale and we are located in west london/surrey/staines area - TW15 postcode area if that is not too far for you.

See the post in intros and let me know if you are interested at the price.


Looking forward to seeing the photos …
You are reasonably close to my RH5 area and so things could be of mutual interest…
Which day of week and particular time is best for you for me to see it ?

I’m based in Suffolk if that’s any use to you. Always up for showing new comers the Twizy.

Lived with mine for about 6 months now, it’s absolutely brilliant. Apart from my commute and a bit of shopping, I love to go for a drive on the country roads, zero guilt!

would love to be in your situation because I feel that I would feel the same …but I’m having difficulty in relaxing myself to do it …as an old man am I just being daft !

The Twizy is certainly a heart over head purchase. From a logical perspective it doesn’t add up, relatively expensive for what it is, not too good in the cold, limited storage space, limited range the list goes on.

But for me and many other on this forum, we just love the Twizy. It’s got bags of charm and character (despite the pig ignorant people who will comment on it when they can), is completely useable if you make fairly short distance trip on your own with just a bag or two and is very economical. It’s also epic to drive, so nippy and darts around corners like a Lotus!

If you need any more info or want to make the trip up here I’d be happy to show you my Twizy :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your great clarification comment…that helps …
I now just need an experience in one and to sort the lease cost …wouldn’t it be great to find one owning the battery !

I use my Twizy to go to work from Virginia Water to Staines. Ideal distance and every journey still brings HUGE smiles to my face and indeed almost everyone who claps eyes on it.

Happy for you to have a go if you wish. Just buy one anyway, you won’t regret it!

Call me on 07973 339339 anytime.

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I’m 53, and I’ve had a Twizy for 6 years. It’s definitely a boy toy, BMWs for serious, Twizy for playing.

I totally recommend it. It’ll put a smile on your face every time you drive it.

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6 years …wow…well done …my research tells me that Twizy ownership changes often, lots with low miles and many owners recorded…
I’m just about to be 69 …and would like to smile more !

I’m an 'ol git too at 62. Smile every mile in a Twizy guaranteed. Just buy one.