Defrosting the inside of the windscreen

Has anyone found a good gadget for getting the frost off the inside of the windscreen? I am struggling because my normal windscreen ice remover is too rigid for the curved inside of Little Twizy’s windscreen…

How’s about switching your heated windscreen on. After defrosting I am afraid you still have to wipe off all the condensation.

Always in a hurry and cannot wait for the slow, slow, slow heated windscreen thingie!

Coat the inside and outside of the glass with Gtechniq G1 :wink:

If it’s really cold ( I have windows) I will leave a fan heater in there for about 2-3 mins. I keep a squeegee in the twizy to get rid of any condensation or water that is left.

Never heard of that…let me enquire of Dr Google!

found it - that looks like fantastic stuff! Cheers

Whilst I regularly get frost on the top of the windscreen, I only ever get condensation on the underside, never ice. Usually I just pour very warm water on the outside of the screen, clearing that instantly, then I sit inside, chuck a rag at the back of the dashboard to catch the drips, and squeegee the inside with two strokes. Whole process takes about 30 seconds? No need for any coatings or whatnot.

My twizy is always plug in the morning… I go out of the house in my pajamas & sleepers, turn the ignition on, turn the electric windscreen eater on, go back in the house, make myself a nice cup of coffee.

By the time I leave for work the windscreen if as clear as Crystal.

Heater with an H… My French is really getting better day after day!

@EricLafoy I live in Derbyshire and we drop the ‘H’ when we talk. Derbyshire is full of ‘Umps’ and ‘ollows’. Ups and downs or Humps and Hollows.

So I understood what you meant. :grinning:

My windscreen appears to be the wrong shape for a squeegee…works on the outside but not the inside…Have bought a nice sponge, a chamois, an old towel - none of them are man enough to rid me of the copious amounts of water plus they seem to leave smears which are worse than where I started ! However I have bought the fancy stuff, just need to get round to applying it. Watch this space

Ah Eric…so difficult when you sleep in the nude and are always in a big hurry in the morning!!!

Pajamas are so overrated