Delivery time in Norway

I am trying to order a new Twizy here in Norway, but they seem to be out of them at main storage
and they only order inn when customers want them. Delivery time now is estimated July/September!

Is this the same for all the other countries to?

Probably very similar, others have said they’ve been quoted long wait times in the UK. Not many “in stock” anywhere, especially as most new ones are customized anyway.

Certain dealerships here have started saying Renault no longer make them and wont order them in. In reality I believe they wont order them in case you back out and they are left with a product they cannot sell. Which is what I was told happened in Renault Crewe, so they wont order any until they sell the door-less model in the showroom.

So definitely worth ringing around all the dealers to see if they have an “as new” in a showroom they want to get rid off.

Maybe have a look to sweden. Reno has opened recently a New showroom in Stockholm.
Here is a Herman info about:

A guy ordered two, an orange and a black and does not want the black anymore.
So it seems I can get ahead of the line.
This is Black intence with sensors in the back for parking, BUT no panorama roof which I wanted.
This will arrive in Norway mai 14 and the importer need 2-3 weeks for delivery and registration…either that or wait til late july early september but then summer is almost over. Oh what to do!
Price is 109k NOK with half doors and without extra wheelset.
And of course no battery lease!

Hi paalao, is it possible to buy a twizy in Norway without battery-lease?

Yes, I dont see why not. then you can bring it back home wherever you live after that.
No Twizys are sold with battery lease here now anymore, but the earlier years there was a lease on them. There is also a 5 year/100 000 km Norwegian warranty here on reclamations. And I guess the factory waranties is also good for the whole network. There is also very nice incentives here with no tax on them, so buying one for taking it to another country should not get any extra cost except those your countrys custom may put on them.
My cost for a NEW 2018 Twizy Intens (80) is 110400 NOK (10085 GBP) with mudflaps and parking sensors.

Kult, takk for svaret! :slight_smile:

Hi do you know where to buy winter wheels ?

Same here in Slovenia. I ordered it on January 29. and got it on April 8.

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