Delivery times for new Twizy


I’m about to retire, and my elderly Ford Fiesta will be retiring with me. Lady Richard has a Motability car, so I don’t need another full size car. However, for local pottering about and playing I quite fancy a Twizy.

Does anyone know what the approximate lead times are between ordering and delivery for a new Twizy in the UK?

Many thanks.

You are spot on about local pottering with a Twizy. That’s what I use mine for. You won’t have more fun in anything else, particularly in the summer.
But if I were you I would look for a used Twizy. New Twizys depreciate like crazy. Used ones generally are hardly used so in good condition. You save yourself a lot of money.

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A fair point. I won’t rule out a post 2014 used model, but my first preference is new - with my pension and commutation I won’t be short of a few quid, and I don’t drink, smoke or gamble!

If you’re not looking to squeeze Lady Richard in the back (she may not appreciate it) then I’d be tempted to try and find a Twizy Cargo. You can fit more shopping in there securely and away from water.

I struggled to even get a quote (££ or delivery time) for a new Twizy, most Renault dealers around me didn’t want to know, even going as low to lie saying Renault don’t make them anymore.

My advice would be to start with Renault customer services (although they’re not the best either) but they have a tiny bit of sway on the franchise dealers and they know where the current stock of Twizys are.

I ended up finding a year old, 34 mile old ex demo Twizy for £5k.

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Thanks. I’m going to message customer services on their live chat thing tomorrow, see what they have to say. I’ll let you know.

A cargo does appeal, but I also have a youngish daughter who’s looking forward to riding pillion with me.

As a reference, I ordered mine (in Germany) mid-July last year. I was told at that time 3 months. At some point, my dealer then informed me that lots of people take vacation in Spain where the factory is in August. Therefore now, 4 months. Even later, they informed me (with no reason) that it’s been pushed back to 5 months. I was pretty annoyed by this point and left a nasty google review of the dealership as well as reaching out to Germany Renault customer service. That somehow got the ball rolling and I got it mid/late November.
At the time I ordered, the dealer was able to search the newly ordered Twizys that were just being sent to German dealers, didn’t have a buyer yet. Unfortunately mine didn’t match anything that was on its way. If you’re not stuck on a particular color/model, you may get lucky and be able to nab one that way and squash the delivery time. That is, assuming UK dealers are still ordering new models for display.

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Renault customer disservices are telling me “8-12 weeks, depending in the model.”. Hhmm, I may just hunt for a late low miler instead.

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Yeah. From my experience, assume 12. And then factor in another month for factory vacations.

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