Delivery tomorrow

Ok the car is being delivered tomorrow, are there any tips / tricks or things you think I should check out when it arrives at all?

Am I right to start it you have to hold the key until a beep, then press the button on the handbrake and let it drop all the way down before I can select drive?


Sounds about right. It is holding the key long enough that new drivers miss.
You need your foot on the brake to get the Handbrake off else you cannot press the button in to release it.

Then when you drive it the first time some heavy braking to remove the rust that will have formed on the discs during transport. It is a rubbing sound that most owners complain about, all cars do it but with the closeness of the Twizy and the quietness it becomes annoying.

Thanks Osbrook

perhaps make sure it charges up you never know

I always remember my first impression the first time I drove my Twizy. The ride was HARD and a lot of whine. Must say with time you get used to it. The other thing was FUN FUN FUN :grinning: :grinning:

Wine? Who said wine?!