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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Design your own Twizy


Not sure if everyone’s seen this. I certainly would have loved this option when buying!

That’s a great little program, hope it creates more buyers for the Twizy.

I saw this back in March - but there is a sneaky caveat. AST promote a ‘Full Wrap’ and this price does NOT include anything on the roof. The website shows a clear roof, which (clearly) you would not wish to obscure. When my wrap was completed (changing a Black/Orange Twizy into a Saltire), the orange roof was very much out of place. When the work was complete, my request for the roof to be done was ignored, and subsequent emails to AST’s Sales Manager are now ignored, so in all honesty, do not expect them to resolve any issues in a responsible way.

(The roof transfer is my own addition to cover their deficiency).

Buzby-is the orange roof painted then? My Technic had a carbon film which could have been peeled off with a heat gun-not sure what Colour had; paint or film?

If painted, would be dead easy to mask off and spray satin black* if you like the idea.

*some rattle tins have ace diffusers for really good results-I use them in my own business

Nope - it appears to be a solid orange plastic panel (same colour of ceiling when inside). As the shield on the roof has orange elements, it is less incongruous now, but I remain aghast how Renault let AST advertise a ‘full’ wrap, but forget to mention the roof is excluded!

Guys, why don’t you make your Twizy change colour like James Bond’s cars?

A british company called Auto Kandy make this wicked paint that changes from Orange to Black when it rains (or when it comes into contact with water)

You could buy the paint from them, this is the pre-order site, yep, pre-order, they are full on orders right now.

You could notify the DLVA of a colour change to Orange, and if you decided to be naughty, you could hose your Twizy down, then go around town going past one-way roads on the oncoming side, and then dispute the ticket by saying the vehicle was another colour. Wear a V for Vendetta mask so they can’t prove your the driver!

Oh, and moderators, sorry about posting the large image. When I try to add a picture, I can’t store it locally, if it’s an unintentional error, could you guys fix it?