Detailing the Twizy - AKA Good Clean :)

I am abit of a fussy one when it comes to my cars, and even though my Twizy was in pretty good shape for a 3 year old car, I decided to give it a good detailed clean. The main aim was to remove the scuffs around the car, and the scratches from the windows as they open and close.

I am pretty happy with the results.

I started off by giving it a snow foam bath, then rinse and washing with the two bucket method.
Then I clayed it all to remove all the contaminants.
Then I gave it a light machine polish with some Poor Boys light swirl remover and buffed off by hand.
Then I gave it another machine polish with the Blackfire Gloss enhancing polish and buffed off by hand.
Then I applied by hand the Blackfire All Finish Paint protection, left for 15 mins then buffed off by hand.
Then I applied by hand the Blackfire Sun Ivory Carnuba wax, left for 10 mins then buffed off by hand.
Then finally used a detailing spray and microfibre towel to give it all a wipe down.
I applied Aerospace 303 on the plastic areas and cleaned the glass with Auto Finesse glass cleaner and added some RainX on the outside.
Then finally I cleaned the inside with some Auto Finesse interior cleaner.



When I did use my windows (only for a few months), it left scratches on the quarter light through the opening and closing of the doors with the windows attached. I presume you have the same scratches. Did you manage to remove those scratches? If so, how did you do it?

Yes. I used my machine polisher and poor boys polish and a light abrasive pad.

An example is from this:

To this:

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Its something that I think I will do on a seasonal basis.
As even with being careful, since putting the windows back on today some light scratching has occurred.
So when the good weather returns I can then ditch the windows and give the door frames another good polish.

It looks really great, Dale - a real reward for all your hard work!