Did you know

that there is a bookmark function on all posts?

I have only just noticed this, so if there is something of interest that you want to use later, rather than trying to search again (even though the search function is very good), make a bookmark using the icon at the bottom of the post, and it will appear in your profile.

yes but only by accident :confounded:

Alright, I’ll admit my ignorance. I studied the icons to try to decipher which was the bookmark but it wasn’t obvious to me. Later, at the bottom of the page I found a box with an icon and the word Bookmark next to it. Duh!
However I do need to know how to post a photo. I tried once but all it seemed to do was show a link to my computer. Didn’t seem right. Any pointers?

Even I can do it and I am not tech savvy at all.
When click reply there are some icons on the top. Click the upload icon (7th from the left). That will take you to post an image. Just browse from your files and upload required photos.
Good luck.

Thanks @askho. My grandchildren seem to be able to scan a screen once then press all the right buttons. I think my life was for ever blighted by starting with DOS !!

My flying machine and ground crew. First day.

How an earth do all the doggies all fit in the back?

That twizy looks like the Dogs preverbal! :grinning: - Sorry

It looks good - they all look better in the sun.

One each side and one on my lap. Who needs draughtproofing or heaters!!

Thanks @osbrook - none taken!
I promise not to start a dog thread.

Roll on more sun or even dry days, my Twiz is looking very mud splattered after each trip. At least I have remained clean and still with no windows.