Difference between Twizy and Twizy45

Does anyone know exactly what are the differences between the two? I read there is a difference in the motor, but Renault dealer told me motors are the same. Just electronically restricted on the 45. True? Any other differences?

As far as I know it’s lower powered 4kw instead of 13kw. Also 45 refers to it max speed of 45 km/h.its lighter also by 32kg probably got a smaller motor fitted.

Or perhaps a smaller battery?

Battery is the same. Motor power (other) is lower, this is requered by law

The range is certainly higher, which it should be if the battery’s the same. Still, 32Kg is quite a lot of weight to lose simply by having a smaller motor. Maybe they’re comparing the doored version with the door-less. That produces a 20kg weight difference on our weighbridge - from 480kg to 500kg.

[There is a weight requirement to qualify as an L6 (light - 425kg) versus an L7 (heavy - 450kg) quadricycle though (bizarrely) this excludes the battery!]

What I know for sure is that the engine is smaller and there is a difference in the gearbox. and the Sevcon ECU is smaller
10000 rpm in a T80 = 115 km/h
10000 rpm in a T45 = 67 km/h
So more top speed then 67 km/h is not recommended on a T45. but on Torque then it’s probably a much retrieving :slight_smile:

Sooo buying a used t80 engine gearbox and sevcon I’ll bee able to convert a t45 to t80 right?

No, you also have to get the corresponding UCH and the coded keys to get twizy up and running again.

Engine demobilizer would disable any SpareSevcon.

Hmmm what is a UCH?
…i don’t even know what a coded Keyv is referring too :sob:
Is it feasible to get these used?

The UCH is the central control unit.


In our case it manages the engine immobilizer.

The SEVCON and the UCH are one pair!
Renault is able to code a factory new Sevcon to your exciting UCH, but after that the are linked for life.

The keys are also coded into that UCH. But you can add/remove keys if you have the two original chips.

Hmm Did I writt this. this is wrong.

the correct should be:

The T80 and T45 have the same motor but difference in the gearbox
10000 rpm in a T80 = 115 km/h
10000 rpm in a T45 = 80 km/h
More top speed then 80 km/h is not recommended on a T45.

Thank you for the replies
All right
Gotta buy UCH too. Its not that expensive aground 50-70€
Sevcon and gearbox from a t80 no idea how much it could be on the second hand market.

Comex rates its own gearboxes only to 7000RPM.

(Downloadable specs)

But even a stock T80 will surpass these 7000rm at 80km/h with 7250 rpm.

115km/h will be hard to maintain for long times with the T80.
90 - 95km/h are realistic.

But a T45 can easily get to 80km/h.
But I would not recommend to get past 60 - 65km/h for long period of time.
(would be the aqvivalent of 90-95 on the T80 - 8100-8500rpm )

I wonder why the rate 7000rpm
Gears get too hot cos of the friction and eventually melt the here seals?

With the Renault stock oil even within the specs the gearbox overheats.
The seals are made of nylon which will wear over time.

And at high speeds (7000rpm and above!!!) the gears experienced fretting with the stock oil.
(oilfilm would collapse and the teeth get sticky and damage thier surface)

Comex recommends a 80W90 GL5 instead of the stock 75W80 oil Renault uses.

You could always rewind the motor or get this guy to do it for you

I wonder how much it would cost…and I’m not sure…when you increase performance the mileage suffer…and vice versa.
I guess the overheat is due to the way the teeth are made…may be not that good.

Victor has a Patent on the way the coils in the motor are rewound.

He reduces the overall power and increases the torque in the lower rpms.

With some modification in the Sevcon (Powerwise and most important the number of coils!!!) you can get some really good results.

Dexter and Victor optimized the settings via OVMS and got this results.

But Victor does not rewind motors for you.
This is very time consuming and would cost more than a new motor.

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Thanks for heads up :grinning:

Engline and gearbox from the 80 -700 euro

UHC from same car 40 euro

No Sevcon but its arrount 250