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Different wheel nuts (lug nuts) for steel/alloy Twizy wheels?

I think I fit everything into the title…are there different wheel nuts (lug nuts) for the different (steel/alloy) Twizy wheels? If so, do you know the part numbers or where to get them?
Thank you!

Hi Jimi,

yes you need different bolts, you have two options available:

Original: 8200473353
Bilstein version: FEBI 27756


Dialogys only lists one type of nuts.
My Twizy came with alloy wheels and had the default nuts.

Renault says the default Twizy nuts are a soft alloy that will not scratch the aluminium rims.

I think the bolts are the same. I have bolts from the steel wheels and from the alloys from my car so ill make a picture for you all in a few days when i have time.

I think Dale is right. I have the bolts for the standard wheels and the aluminium ones. The standard bolts are one piece, the bolts for the aluminium wheels are two piece. It includes a ring between the wheel and the head of the bolt. To prevent damage to the soft aluminium wheel when appying the torque. And if you have the urge to grease the bolts: don’t.

But I like to be convinced otherwise.

Ill make a pic today as i have both but you know it so its like that. The steel ones are 1 peace i know

I dont think the are stock! Maybe you got the alu wheels later and your dealer used the two piece ones cause he was used to on other cars?

As I said, my 02/2016 came with alu rims and had the one piece nuts