Discharge while turned off?

Hi y’all
Is it true that the Twizy consume electricity even while turned off?
Which battery is discharging? 12v or try he traction battery or both?

Hi Alex, not a simple answer. I have left mine for over 14 days and not noticed any discharging from either battery. However I don’t have a Power box or an additional alarm fitted. So nothing to consume 12V power.

My Twizy is also over 6 years old so has the older charger where the DC-DC keeps the 12V battery charged. Some say this doesn’t work. I’ve not had a problem with the 12V battery.

If you are leaving the Twizy for a while then the handbook suggests you remove the traction battery fuse. Again never done this as I take my Twizy on Holiday with me.

All Vehicles will consume some power while standing. Radio, Alarm etc. It also depends on how healthy your 12V battery is. If in a good state it will not loose it’s charge as quickly and need to be topped up from the traction battery as much.

To answer your first question No more than you would expect.
The second part is both but the 12V mainly. If that goes flat then you cannot recharge the car!

I left my Twizy garaged for 7 weeks whilst on holiday. When I returned, everything was completely dead. Thanks to this forum, I immediately suspected that the 12v battery was the problem, even though it is only just over a year old.
I removed it and connected it up to a battery conditioner and it seems to have recovered. I have been back for 2 weeks now and have not had any further issues. However I think I will remove the 12v battery BEFORE I leave it for long periods next time.

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I have a high end E bike and the battery on that went completely dead when left, it reversed the polarity of some of the cells and they fried when I charged it. £1500 later I put a new battery on using Tesla batteries. The reason the 72v battery died was that the BMS draws a small amount of power and this over weeks and weeks depleted the cells. I wonder if the Twizy BMS is similar?