Discs and pads

Hi everyone,

Like many others on here, I was recently faced with an eye-watering bill for a full set of discs and pads by Renault. in the end I decided to source the parts myself and get a local garage to fit them. Does anyone have an up to date supplier in the UK who can sort me out with a full set of front and rear discs / pads? I’m guessing fitting is relatively straightforward?



Member @Lightly can supply them.

@Lightly supplied me with a set of pads (front and rear) and a local garage fitted them for me. Straightforward.
Don’t know if anyone can supply the discs. They are mega price from Renault, from what I heard.

I can get the discs , they will be genuine parts only.
They are expensive, because they are the entire hub & swivel assembly .
They are cheaper now than they used to be .
Will get a price for later on today

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You also need new bearings for the front discs.


I managed to,put together a few prices.
The pads I supply are not Genuine Renault, but I have fitted & sold plenty of them & they are absolutely fine, and are top quality after market.
The discs are Genuine Renault, so you may be able to just buy them yourself from the dealer near to you. I do give a discount on retail though, so they are a little cheaper, but postage wipes this out to a degree.
A full set of brake pads is £65 including delivery in the U.K. This is front & rear.
A pair of front discs are £80 delivered, you may need new wheel bearings if you cannot remove the old ones.
A pair of rear discs are £327 delivered, this is the complete hub & upright, hence the large cost.
If you require them, delivery will take @ 3 working days, and I can take payment over the phone , we are a proper UK vat registered company.

I got my pads of ebay:

Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to fit.

@Lightly fitted mine and at the time one of the pads sets (front or rear) where in short supply and I wasn’t able to get any from other places.

Surprised how much the rear discs have dropped in price. Not that I have needed them yet!

I was chatting to a friend down the pub about the obscene price of the rear brakes (although, from @Lightly 's post it looks like they dropped the price quite a bit since I last asked Renault about it!) and we were wondering what the brakes are from? Did Renault really build these bespoke for the Twizy?

Anyway, on to my main question: Does anyone know if the front and rear disks are the same? Could the bearing be pressed out of an old rear hub/disk assembly and a new “front” disc be fitted, given sufficient engineering resources? From memory they look very similar…