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DIY Twizy speaker cheap and easy bass response upgrade

Further to my speaker upgrade I still wasn’t happy with the bass response so had another looks to see what could be done.

I’m no expert when it comes to sound systems but felt the Twizy setup didn’t seem great. HiFi speakers are usually in solid boxes and car speakers sealed to a door panel, for example. In the Twizy the speakers are mounted on an open metal frame with a loose fitting cover around them!

My plan was to fit some kind of seal between the outer edge of the speaker and the plastic cover to effectively turn the plastic speaker cover into a sealed box. After much searching on the internet, I found some speaker seals but none of the correct size so ordered some adhesive foam strip instead.

After a bit of trial and error I found the gap between the speaker and the plastic cover to be just less than 15mm. The foam I’d ordered was 30mm wide so I was able to cut it in half. The diameter required, so as to not touch the cone, was 90mm and I found a Castrol grease pot in the garage to be the perfect size to use to form the required shape.

Two wraps of adhesive foam were used and a cable tie to make sure it stays in shape.

Two rings were made then positioned in either side of the speaker cover, which was then refitted, sandwiching the foam between the speaker and the cover and the speakers tested.

To be sure the position and thickness was correct, after a short while, I removed the cover again to inspect for impressions in the foam. You can just make out the speaker screw imprints in this photo.

At this point another rattle was found, which was cured with an extra bit of foam between the roof and speaker cross member, in addition to the pink adhesive felt I’d already fitted elsewhere.

Following this the cover was refitted for a second time and the job complete.

I’m happy to confirm the modification has worked well. The bass response of the speakers is much improved and the volume can be turned up higher without distortion.

I would say there’s been more improvement from fitting the foam than upgrading the speakers so if you have the original Renault speakers this may well be worth a try first.



Do all Twizy’s come with speakers fitted, and some just not connected? I’d love to get some kind of speaker set up for my (all of) 4 mile commute or when I pop into town. I have a 2012 Twizy Colour so it’s the most basic model, not that Twizys come in anything other that you could call a spec :wink:

As I understand it, the Parrot Bluetooth system fitted to my Twizy was an optional extra.

Others on the forum have alternative solutions from bluetooth speakers to standard sized car radio / CD players.

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I know it’s an option when you buy the car brand new, but I have the mouldings and nothing to say it’s got anything inside it that I could hook up with bluetooth, etc. Still, I’m in the mindset that when I do my commutes, I use the Twizy as primary car of choice (if only a quick/small item shop) and so even forget to put the radio on when I’m in the Spark!!
I do love hearing the birds through the windows throughout the year, and have surprised a deer only 10yds away before it noticed me pull away from the T-junction. I actually put the sound on when I spot a horse rider, or I’m near a school so that they can be alerted to my presence. Something I can’t actually do with my ever-so-quiet Spark!! :astonished:

Speakers are fitted in every twizy. You only have to buy Kit Parrot in order to connect via Bluetooth and play music.

This is a good mod. Speakers must have the front and rear separated by a barrier otherwise the micro-movements of air that create the sound simply cancel each other out! (especially lower frequencies) For good bass response this barrier needs to be a solid lump with decent mass, this would be hard to achieve with the existing mounts. I’ll have a long think about it and see if I have any brainwaves!

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Mine didn’t as I didn’t have the Parrot kit. I used BT speakers and a surface driver on the roof.

Mine doesn’t have any speakers fitted either but I make do with a Bluetooth portable speaker in the glove box :rofl:

Maybe it’s because my twizy is Technic. Mine didn’t come with Parrot from factory but when I bought the kit I had altready the speakers in the roof.

Thanks. Though at £90ish, it’s an expensive opt. I think I’d rather use earphones, or invest in bone conductive over ear headset to allow full hearing of my sorry, especially given how quiet Twizys are outside and noisy with rattling windows inside. I’ll see if I can locate the bluetooth connection through my new mobile though.