Do brake pads really need changing?

I know I no longer own a twizy, but I’ve noticed that a few of you have mentioned that when Renault tell you your brake pads need replacing, they’re actually only half worn and don’t need replacing at all. They just seem like they need replacing due to the thinness of them to start with.

I was wondering if anyone could do a comparison of a new brake pad with one that ‘needs replacing’ to tell if twizy owners are getting ripped off here and whether or not the design of the Twizy is fit for purpose.

james do mean discs rather than pads? pads are more obvious but the discs start off thin and that confuses them as to % worn?

Call me cynical, but I have always thought because dealers make very little money out of servicing on the Twizy, being electric needing less servicing and free to us for 4 years, they have to find something to do and brakes are the obvious target. But for the quoted £700+ that’s the biggest rip off.

But if I am being generous to the dealers I would say it might be ignorance. The new pads @Lightly supplied me look so thin compared to normal car ones that they look worn before they are even fitted!! Maybe that’s what confuses the mechanics. Bet you it’s the first time most of them have seen a Twizy brake pad.

Both to be honest. Pads and discs both seem very expensive to replace after such a short amount of time!