Do I drive too much and what effect can this have on my Twizy?

I have an incredibly busy life (I love it and don’t enjoy sitting at home very much) and drive about 80 KM every day with my Twizy. I bought my Twizy 45 in March with 300KM on the clock and now have 16000 KM on the clock. I drive at least 50 KM almost every day. Is this really bad for the car and how reliable is it when it is used so much?

What should I do especially in terms of maintenance?

It shouldn’t make that much difference there are several Twizy 80’s with high KM’s on the clock. On the French speaking Facebook page they suggest the gear box oil should be changed more often than Renault suggest. But the thing to watch is wear on the brake discs as this can be expensive. Perhaps not as bad on the 45 but still need to be aware. Try not to keep topping up the battery to 100% from above 60%. Best letting run down further before charging up.

I would guess that full discharge and recharge will help the battery life compared to the usual 60 up to 100% charges that many do a few times per week.

Just follow the maintenance regime set out and keep us posted!

Anyone know the highest mileage example in the world so far? Any reports on this?

Ok that’s very good to know. I do try and get maintance work done around every 4-5 months. Around where I live is very small and people always see me driving and think I’m in my car all day! Would be interesting to see what the highest mileage in the world is!