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Do windows improve aerodynamics?

Hi Everyone,

I’m thinking about getting a Twizy and this forum has proved great reading over the last week. One question that I’ve yet to see an answer to, does adding windows to a Twizy improve the aerodynamics to the point where range and/or speed are affected?


At the speed the Twizy can travel at, I don’t think aerodynamics are too critical. All I can tell you, and others will confirm, is the Twizy is much nicer without windows. I have windows but I leave them out most of the time, unless it is raining like anything. I think the Twizy was designed without windows so there isn’t too much buffeting for the driver, anyway. With the windows, there is hell of a lot more wind noise, quite unpleasant. I think it actually causes more aerodynamic drag.

Thanks for the reply (and the welcome on the welcome threads!). I’ll be using the Twizy all year round so I guess the windows will have to be added at some point for the really bad days. I was wondering if they were an advantage for general everyday use though, sounds like they’re not.

I’m not too worried though, always wanted an excuse for the classic goggled aviator look :slight_smile:

Renault windows are pants and spoil the Twizy experience; buy a decent coat and hat!

I use my Twizy though the winter (2 of) and never used windows. First winter with all the snow made me use a bigger coat (motorcycle one) but no windows.
No really bad days when you can drive a Twizy.:smiley:

You will be surprised how dry you stay even on really bad days. In ther nearly 2 years of having the car, I have only really got quite wet once, and that was due to really bad cross winds at traffic lights. Other than that I am mostly dry.

However if you have a doorless version then you will get wet.

The only upside to the windows is that if fitted and a lorry passes the opposite way through deep puddles and drowns you, you might stay 10% drier :lol:

Not necessarily - provided you fit the mudflaps. If it’s really wet, I find I get wetter in the doored version, because the insides of the doors get wet from the roof. Windows stop that, and keep the seats dry when parked outside in the wet, but otherwise provide a claustrophobic driving experience, in my opinion. The Renault windows are tough to reassemble if you ever completely unzip them from the frames. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a knack to solving it? .

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Hello. I have Twizy for a month. Is not so long yet but I know already that will be great to have windows. When I drive alone is true that I am always dry. Even if is raining like a hell. ( I live in Holland so is rain everyday almost). I also dont feel any wind. But this what is going on behind me is… If I have some shoping there it is really flying. Is so much wind there. Is not possible to drive with someone. Somethimes I drive with my son or with my wife and son (yes, we are traveling with 3 of us). They have then caps and other protections. They complain that is to much wind on the face. So if you drive alone then you dont need but if with passangers then you really need. I dont understand why renault made some terrible-looking “windows”. Twizy is so beautifull and is true that put this “thing” from renault is a shame. I dont understand why everyone dont make windows themself. Is so easy and cheap. I was alredy in some plexiglass company. They have there 2 kind of plexi. Normal and unbreakable. I choose for secondone. Then they ask me to make a shape from hard papier. They calculed and price for two windows will be 120eur. Is not so much. Then will be 3mm unbeakable windows. Only one thing. They will be staight. I dont know yet if windows can stay straight or I should make curved windows. But I am sure I gonna make some windows ASAP. :slight_smile: And About aerodynamics… I am 99% sure that wind inside make your car slowly. With windows will be much faster, or if not faster then you will spend much less energy of your battery to drive 80. Anyway. Today I checked first time real speed with gps. And when twizy showed 85 then gps showed me 78:) So this 85 is really not true. Then I change preasure of my tires. Was 2,3 bar on front and 2 on back. Now is 2,7 and 2,4. Now when Twizy say 85 km /h on gps is 81km/h so is a bit better. In few days I gonna put 15" wheels and then I hope I will drive 98km/h.
All the best.

I don’t think so. I recently bought my Twizy a few weeks ago. My problem lies when the weather turns cold or wet, the lack of windows becomes a real issue.