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Do you hear an ECHO?

So, nearly FIVE MONTHS after my original Twizy (Topher the Twizy) met his maker after I decided to crash-test him with a Land Rover Discovery…

my replacement Twizy is in Bristol!

Since Topher the Twizy was named after the genius, amoral, slightly unhinged character in Joss Wheadon’s Dollhouse, we decided to call his replacement Echo after the show’s spunky main character.

It’s a thing. I’ve named my cars ever since my 1965 Morris Minor, called Hebe… My other cars are called Hiro Nakamura (the earnest, honest, geeky Japanese superhero in Heroes) and Claire (the cheerleader turned kickass leader in the same show).

But anyway. Echo is in Bristol, according to the dealer! Whooopppeee!

I’ll be picking up Echo later this week, I hope. And of course, I’ll keep you up to date with the progress. :slight_smile:


Great stuff and in time for Spring! If it warms up.


With any luck my first real trip will be on Friday over to Bath and back. It will be good to see how the Twizy handles it. I’m getting the original wheels transferred over, so we’ll see what happens next :slight_smile:

She’s here!

We noticed the was a fray on the vinyl on one door, so that will have to be fixed at some point.

I’m also in two minds about the windows. While they do a great job of keeping the inside of the car dry, I’m not sure they will last that long as getting in and out seems just a huge hassle with them fitted!!

OVMS is temporarily installed too, and is giving me a lovely real-time view of the car’s state of charge!


How come it took so long to replace the origional car ? & how come it was written off ?
Mine is currently damaged, and discussing repair currently. Not sure what will happen, so your information may help. Surely it couldnt have been that badly damaged ?

Oh no another damaged Twizy.
Hope you were not injured and the Twizy is repairable with out the months and months of waiting.
This doesn’t look good for insurance renewals when 3 members on here have damaged ones.

I will give more details when the claim is sorted, but mine was totally not my fault (or the throttle,s)

My car wasn’t written off. It was due to get repaired, but because the chassis parts required weren’t in stock and not expected to be until May, Renault bought me a new Twizy and I sold them my old one :slight_smile:

I believe it’s standard practice if your car is almost new when it has an accident.