Do you use the extra Seat Belt?

Just wondering how many Twizy owners wear both seat Belts.
I must admit that since buying the Twizy I have only worn the extra seat Belt on a couple of occasions…


Tried it once, my wife uses it though

I’ve never not used it. Wear it all the time. I figured it’s there for a reason! :slight_smile:

Wear it all the time. I figured it’s there for a reason!

I heard that the reason the Twizy has the extra seat belt was because of the lack of doors.
if it didn’t have the extra seat belt you would have had to wear a Crash Helmet
Not sure how true that is…


It’s to stop you falling out of the Twizy in the result of an accident apparently.

Never use mine , just tried it a few times at first.

I always use mine. As the small one is so easy to use I’d prefer to just have tow of those.
Is it legal to only use one if two are fitted to a seat?

Like James says they are there stop you flying out the opening if you are involved in a big crash. The doors will help a bit but here is still a big hole above.

I’am a convert, using the second seat belt now! :smiley:
Following on from this thread I thought I would try using the second belt.
As Osbrook says it is very quick to use, and I think that I am tempting fate if I don’t wear it now! :slight_smile:


I always use it! Makes me feel safer.

I have never not worn it since having the car either

yeah i do, i feel like i have a set of braces on right enough

i dont use mine and strange but true my tuk tuk which has no doors only has lap belts in the rear and nothing in the front as it has handle bars

Legally seat beats if fitted must be worn (there are some exceptions). However the twin seat beat is there for Twizys with no doors as an added measure to stop you falling out. Not as key for the doored versions.

I do still always use both it is quick and easy to use and feels right. No clips to mess with just pull it on.

I always use mine. I feel more stable when going round corners.

Also, it looks more cool when putting an extra belt on like you have jumped into a fighter jet, lol

Never used it and never will

I always use them, like in a racing harness they prevent ejection from the car in an accident and also in a front or rear collision will prevent the body twisting preventing injury to the back and internal organs.