Does anyone have a template for wrapping a Twizy?

Hi there

I am looking to design a custom wrap for my Twizy (when it arrives). Does anyone have a template for a Twizy with doors that can be used?


cant really say there is a template for it. Wrapping needs expert technique in application due to its various curves on the body. The excess foil is cut away anyway. Just measure is all around and create pieces if you are looking to design it your self. the Wrapping service will do the rest

My Artwork guys can design a wrap for you if you wish? email me and I can give you an idea of price.

Hi Martin

It would be great to get a quote.

I was just looking for a general template with sizes available, as I do not have my Twizy yet but would like to get the design on it as soon as I have my Twizy.

Okay is it for business graphics? We can lay that out for you. Email me [email protected]