Does anyone know a UK dealer who has a demonstration Twizy?

I am interested in test-driving a Twizy but so far have met nothing but surprise from Renault dealers who I have contacted. The nearest one wanted me to come in and discuss finance without seeing one, and their flagship dealership in London West tried to move me on to other vehicles.

Does anyone know a dealership offering test-drives, preferably in the south of England (I’m near Reading)?

I would assume that any dealership with a Twizy in their possession could offer a test drive. Are you saying that they flat out refuse to let you test drive one?

The ones I have talked to don’t have any in stock. They are willing for me to order one in advance sight unseen, but would prefer me to buy a real car.

Renault Romford always had a Twizy in their showroom if that helps. I’d ring to confirm but they should be able to offer a test drive

Hi, Zandy;
I have a Twizy for sale at the moment - you’ll find details on this forum under “For sale”… You’re very welcome to test drive it if you find yourself holidaying in sunny Cornwall anytime soon! Mine has alloys, mudflaps and the blanket all fitted, is one year old and has done almost 4,000 miles. I also have Kenneth’s “Powerbox” which I’m sure you’ve read plenty about on this forum already - the Twizy is fun - but with this fitted it’s hilarious!

Genuine reason for sale all explained elsewhere - feel free to contact me by replying to this message or a PM with contact details if you’re interested.

Good luck and best regards,

  • Richard.
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Here is Richard’s Twizy in case you’re interested.

Thanks for your help. This would be my main personal vehicle, second vehicle for the household, but the main one I use for commuting. Having thought about it I don’t think the Twizy as currently offered in the UK is suited to what I need. Given the relatively low cost I’d prefer to buy new and to have a vehicle in quite a short timescale, and then have a dealership who is keen to support and solve any problems. That does not appear to be available locally to me. So I will take a look at local secondhand low-end EVs from dealerships.

How far will you be commuting?

You can pick up some bargain Twizys if you shop around. I would get in touch with some of those dealerships to see if they have any ex-demos floating about.

If not there are a few other small EVs on the market that might get the job done. Have you looked at the Mahindra e2o?

If you are near Heathrow you can have a go in mine. The Mahindra is twice as expensive as it shoudl be btw…