Does everything look ok?

Just checking that all the Twizyowners members are on here, set up and your posts etc look ok?

Look okay except the interlinks that go back to the old site.

A tip for you - Use the 3 bars by your profile pic (top right) and at the side of the entries is the number of new posts. It’s a quicker link than going back out the site using the EVowners logo or BLOG link.

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I’m also noticing that some pictures no longer show. This is pretty critical for things like Lighty’s Parrot installation guide.
link here


I am viewing this from a mobile and when I click on the menu to see latest and categories, there is a huge lot of categories of each model n the market.

Can’t this be shorter (per brand for example) to make it more tree like and have it expand once you enter the brand of your choice?

Hi @ALEXAKOS, the short answer is no, the software only allow parent and child and not grandchildren, so that is the reason that tags are being used. Not ideal but a constraint of the software.

Thanks have fed this back - the pictures should be there somewhere so its just a case of fixing the lookups I hope

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I’m working to fix this right now.

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I had to make the decision of either having Renault -> Twizy, Tesla -> Model S, Toyota -> Prius, basically a loooooong list of manufacturers and their models or lump all the separate models into a few top level categories.

I chose the latter because this forum doesn’t work like a tree with many subcategories. If I had done what you’re suggesting you would have had to scroll quite a bit to find the forum you were looking for.

I’m open to trying this if this is what most people prefer, but I thought organising by type of vehicle would be more beneficial for now.

Thanks for letting me know. This should now be fixed.


I see. You have a point.
Well this is what I am getting. A huge list of cars category and most aren’t really readable cause the full brand and model does not fit in the space provided

Refresh your page and take a look now?

Looks ok to me now?

Is there any way to also transfer over the messages associated to the user accounts? It’s not a big deal to me, as I only have two message conversations. But maybe for others it would be nice to have those carried over?

Oh yes!!! Real beauty James! Kudos on the mod;)

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I will see what I can do :thumbsup:

The EV list should include the Nissan E NV200, and the e2o there aren’t hybrids. Also on the electric vehicles forum can you add the Yamaha EC03 electric scooter?

You’re absolutely right. They must have got caught up in the wrong category in the rush of things. Thanks for letting us know.

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@jockywilson11 the #electric-vehicles:yamaha-ec03 category is now live :slight_smile:

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Another quick observation:

Some links that are posted in previous discussions link back to the website. If you try to click the link now, it just takes you to the evowners homepage instead of to the appropriate twizyowners website. Any way to relink those? See example link the discussion below.

This is inevitable unfortunately. I will try and write a script to replace all of those links, otherwise just flag the post when you see one and choose Something else from the list of options.