Does the Sun and good weather bring out the worst in people

I drive my Twizy every day to the station, a round trip of 32 miles including about half on that on the motorway.

In the Winter/Dark mornings and nights I get next to no feedback.

In the Summer however, it is very different, with the number of toots, hand gestures and verbal messages increasing - and the majority of these are not complimentary.

Does anyone else find the same and is it just the price we pay for driving something different?

I usually find the sun makes people like and understand the Twizy more. So less laughing and more I like your car.

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I find the majority of looks/stares/pointing is complimentary… what area are you in?

You’re not driving round the M25 are you? Ha ha!

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A2 / M2 in Kent lol

I think you know why then… :wink: