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Doing research with electric car owners


My name is Mike Fell and I’m a PhD researcher at University College London. I’m not an electric car owner (yet), but I’d really like to meet up with some people who are as part of my research. Maybe you would be interested?

I’m doing research into what people think about possible future electricity tariffs, and as part of this work I’m keen to hold a discussion with a group of electric car owners/users. Your views are interesting to me because the number of electric cars in the UK is expected to grow significantly in coming years, and electric vehicle charging will have a more important effect on the UK’s electricity network. There is a bit more info about the current stage of my work here: http://about.me/mikefell.

I’m holding focus groups in or near to London during September 2013. If you are potentially keen to take part in what I hope should be an interesting discussion (or know someone who you think might be), I’d be really grateful if you could drop me a line either through the forum or via my website (or email). Once I’ve had a few responses I’ll email around to try to arrange a convenient time and place. Please don’t hesitate to post here with any questions you might have (or contact me directly) and I’ll try to answer you.

Thanks in advance!