Domestic to Phase 2 / Mennekes adapter / converter

Just in case it helps anyone here, I have ordered a converter cable to go from the Twizy’s domestic plug to a Phase 2 / Mennekes connector used by most public charging points.

I searched high and low for a cheaper product, but gave up, bit the bullet and spent £303.00 with Energy Solutions (found by someone on this forum).

The cost of this cable, coupled with the fact that Renault don’t offer a solution is nuts.

I realise that there was the “DIY” option, but it would cost at least £100-£150 for the parts alone, then translating that document from German to English then growing the skills to make sense of it.

And it wasn’t something I would like to get wrong.

For me, I get free charging at work, as long as I had a Phase 2 connector, so it is a necessity, even at this ludicrous price.

Just FYI though:

1 - Using such a cable will not enable Twizy to benefit from the 50% - 60% faster Phase 2 charge times as it remains limited by the 13amp technology.
2 - According to one supplier, he has seen a kit on the market to convert / retrofit a Phase 2 connection to Twizy
3 - Apparently these cables are discouraged as they enable people to charge any device from a public charge point, which I thought was interesting.

I shall post a picture of my cable when it arrives. It better be gold plated.

Thank you for the details and look forward to the picture(s).

Point 3 is true but it is not as if you would leave a phone plugged in while you went off. I’ll expect that anything other than an EV would get unplugged as soon as an EV needed the point. Would this be a new for of ICE’ing?

Just a point it is Type 2 not phase 2.

Can someone move this from the Windows sub forum, to somewhere more appropriate!


I was talking to the manager of the local renault the other day, and he was saying to me that he is looking to do an EV event in July I wanted to get as many EVs it to show off. Details TBC.

Anyway, he made reference that someone not sure if Renault or external has made a conversion kit for a Twizy to type 2. He wanted to borrow their Twizy to test and prove it, but he was reluctant to hand it over. What was not clear is if it was a temp or perm conversion.

I may know more in July.

No that I’m aware of - Renault did a T2 converter but only as an option for the Zoe. The current option from a Third Party is still a 13s socket (with cover) to T2 plug - limited to 10a max. If costs around £220 incl VAT.

Found a Type- 2 to 13a socket NO cover but £100 INc P&P Designed for Twizy etc.


I’ve just ordered the type 2 to 13a socket from evbitz and had a reply from the seller (Martin) offering several better options for the socket end, including weatherproof ones* ranging from a few quid to £20 extra depending on what I choose, which makes the cable much better than I was expecting!
I’ve not received the item yet but so far I’d recommend them simply based on the communication and offer of custom options / improvements.

*IMPORTANT NOTE / discovery regarding weatherproof (IP66 rated) socket that is NOT suitable for the Twizy. I found this out on a different installation…
[FONT=Helvetica Neue]**Switched **IP66 BS1363 from toolstation. [/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica Neue]The switched IP66 socket from toolstation (p=36199) has an issue with the Twizy plug. I recently installed this exact socket at home but found that, because the socket itself is off-centre due to the switch, the thick cable emerging from the Twizy plug does not line up with the exit hole in the case when plugged in. There’s not enough room for the Twizy cable to bend round to line up with the hole in the case and so the lid won’t shut properly. Illustration attached.
[FONT=Helvetica Neue]I believe that the switch on the socket is not needed if the current can be turned off using the “EVSE” switch if fitted at the Type 2 end before unplugging. Please do correct me if I’m wrong on this. :-)[/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]A suitable item from toolstation could be the unswitched MK IP66 socket, [/FONT][FONT=Helvetica Neue]part number 77440.[/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Cheers![/FONT]