Donor Twizy

Hi Guys.
My best friend asked me to help him to disassembly and sell most part of his twizy.
The car is not damaged or crashed, only value of the parts is higher then value of the vehicle.
He is quite poor with English language, so i will help him with not Italian customers.
Car is almost full disassembled and some parts are in perfect conditions.
Almost all are still available (except main battery that was on lease)
Car is located close to Monza Circut in Milan area (Italy)
If you need any parts please contact me. If you are italian i will give his mobile number for speak/wa direct with him

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Io sto tentando di ricostruire la mia twist che è finita in acqua, pertanto, qualora mi dovesse servire qualcosa, sarai il primo a saperlo. E’ il modello 45?
Fammi sapere

Ciao Francesco
scusa il ritardo. La twizy è un’80 ma ha molte parti in comune con la 45
a te cosa servirebbe?
Ciao Roberto