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Door Adjustment?

Just received the Windows from Lov IOU in France.
First impressions are good, but I have a problem with one of my doors.
The left hand door has always been slightly higher than the right one.
With the Renault Windows fitted the right door is perfect, but the left door is approx 5mm higher than the right and the window does not fit properly.
This is stopping me fitting the new windows on the left hand side.
Does anyone know which part I need to adjust to lower the door a fraction?


This is purely a guess from messing around taking other parts off, but I would imagine it would be the latch that the door clips into.

Thanks Bassflex :slight_smile:
I will have a look tomorrow in the daylight.
Its a pity that there is a problem with the door, I only managed to fit the new windows to the right side.
I still have the official Renault window on the left…
At least I will be able to compare sides tomorrow when I drive to work :smiley:


You will be glad of the windows anyway, looks like another sub zero trip to work today :frowning:

Had a go at adjusting the door this afternoon but no luck :frowning:
There are two locating pins lower down but these just stop the door moving in or outwards.
Tried adjusting the door latch but after slackening the nuts off there is zero play on the holes :frowning:
So the only other option I can see is the main door pivot at the front might be adjustable???
Looks like a PITA to get at, need to remove the left hand Glove box etc.
I do need to do this when I get around to fitting the Parrot Bluetooth so might leave it until I fit that.
Last option will be to fit the Windows without the Door Rubber, mark the window and take a cut off of the top of the Plastic…


My official windows were fitted by the dealer and my left window is also too big. When I get time it will have to go back. If you find a solution though I would be interested.

Fitted my windows yesterday, left window very snug, right window was a big gap. Played around with the fitting and got it down to a smaller gap. Still about 1-2mm gap. I will play some more.

side note on the windows. Not driven with them but already I do not like them. If I had not only payed £120 then might have returned them. Will only use them on days that are cold transporting my youngest.

still love the Twisy though, shame it got crap support from its manufacturer.

Played around with the fitting and got it down to a smaller gap.

Did you just squash the windows or did you adjust the door?, if so how! :smiley:


Don’t want to sound sarcastic when I say this but I adjusted the clips the windows sit in. There is about a 2-3cm adjustment forward and back. I moved both clips forward and it sits more to the body.

Don’t want to sound sarcastic when I say this but I adjusted the clips the windows sit in

That’s easy to do with the Renault Windows because of the available adjustment and the fact that the window will squash to fit…
The windows I have bought are solid Lexan and there is no room for error :frowning:
Had another look today at the Twizy and found a problem…
Fitted the windows to the left hand side by removing the rubber trim.
Done the same with the right hand side so I could compare.
The right side has a clearance gap around approx. 1/2" (12.7mm) but the left side was almost touching the roof :frowning:
Took some measurements and there is a difference between the sides.
Right side gap measured 970mm and the left side measures 965mm.
Also running my fingers across the bottom of the door, right side my fingers fit into the gap.
Left side I cannot get my fingers in…
It’s not the door adjustment that is out but the car body!..
Cannot believe that a modern car manufacturer can make something so far out of alignment…
So I think I need to modify the window frame to fit and cut the windows down to suit :frowning:


Are you sure?
The gap around the bottom is set by how far into out out of the body the door is aligned. This may also give you move space at the top.
One of my doors was set too tight (into the car) and rubbed at the bottom of the body work. I simply adjusted the aligning brackets on the door so the rubber stops held the door further out. The problem with mine was not they were misaligned just no tightened up so I had to adjust them before locking off. The door then shut easier as well.

Great tip! :slight_smile: Thanks for that. I’ll remember that next time I need to redo my doors :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m being a bit slow here. Sorry. Are you saying that in order to reduce the height of my left window, I can move the female slot backwards or forwards for the male part of the window to go in ? I thought the screws of the female part of the clip, went into a screw hole already in a particular location.

Is there not some way of making the door lower instead ?


The two lower clips on the door only have adjustment in and outwards like Osbrook said.
But they will not give any more height to the top of the door :frowning:

Are you sure?

Yes, pretty sure :frowning:
Done a few measurements from different points and they all say the same thing, there is a difference from left to right :frowning:
Going to modify the window frame and windows this week.
Have a TIG welder so will get the powdercoat stripped off and then cut and weld the top of the frame.
I will then get it Powdercoated afterwards.
Once I get the frame fitted with the Bolt in I will then mark and cut the windows down… phew! :smiley: