Door and side panel removal

Hello One & All,

Normally I would say I have a quick question, but this time it isn’t. So yesterday some toerag decided to vandalise my Twizy and break the clear plastic wind break down the offside pillar. This needs replacing, Renault won’t do it. The question is how easy is it to do this, how do I get the door off and then remove the broken part?


Get yourself Renault Dialogys. I posted a link on it on torrents, search forum. It’s 18Gb - HUGE!
There are drawings that will give you and idea what to do. But it’s mainly your eyes, hands and intuition.

Do you mean #8 element? Well, that’s gonna be a challenge then. You’ll have to remove the door.

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Any pics of your damage?

Thanks for the pictures, I keep meaning to get Dialogys, shall have a look for it. It is indeed element #8. As for a picture of the damage, I will post one at the weekend when I am back home, they basically cracked a piece out of it!

Sorry to hear that.
What moron would damage an absolutely harmless little Twizy? Unbelieveable.:cry:

Right I can help here to a degree.

Follow this:

Door is pretty easy to remove

Remove the plastic cover below the wing mirror, be careful. Brute force wins, but there are 2 plastic clips that easily snap off. I had to break out the plastic glue after.

Undo the mirror bolts.

Take mirror off

Undo the bolt below the mirror

Undo the bolt on the inner door panel by the latch

Undo 3 bolts on the inner door panel on the upper edge

Pull outer panel, there are push clips on the bottom edge, again be careful.

Now you have access to the two bolts where the door attaches to the hinge. Unbolt with the door opens so it doesn’t spring back on you.

…and that’s as far as i can get you. I would assume you’re then going to have to pull off the outer panel around the 3/4 glass and hopefully it’s just unbolt and install in reverse.

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Do you have a replacement thing? What are you going to do?

I’d be calling them worse names than that! Some people are just unbelievable.