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Door hinge re-design

So I’ve been thinking about the window issue with the Twizy and I have come up with an idea which may or may not be doable. I’m in no way an engineer or product designer or anything of the sort, so tell me if I’m speaking crap.

I was looking at other scissor doors on other cars such as these:

And one thing I noticed was that none of them open exactly vertically. They all open at an angle because they have to, otherwise the frame of the car would stop the doors from opening. This got me thinking.

Would it be possible to modify the hinge on the Twizy so that we could have a full plastic window and still be able to open the doors?

I think at the moment, everybody who has tried to design a window for the Twizy is approaching it from the wrong angle. Instead of trying to design a latch system that pulls the window into the frame of the Twizy, why not redesign the hinge, so that the door ever so slightly opens outwards before opening upwards? Even if it required a slight push outwards from the driver, this wouldnt be a problem in my eyes and I can already kind of see how the hinge would work in my head.

What are other’s thoughts on this?

Yes, this is the key issue with the Twizy doors and windows, but the Twizy was designed not to have windows and to have a simple and lightweight mechanism involving a swivel and a gas strut. The other styles create great stresses and the mechanisms are more complex and weighty to deal with this.

Renault should perhaps have offered the choice of no doors, open scissor doors or a full door that pushed out on the scissor pivot far enough to clear the arch before lifting up as this would not add much weight and complexity.

This is exactly what I’m proposing. Surely with all the talented people that seem to own a Twizy, someone could make this happen?

Really good idea-if the door could be pushed out to clear the top and pulled in to close against a redesigned lock, a lot more could be done with the windows.

It takes a lot of people and various approaches to solve an issue-this might be a key part of it!

I’ve attached an image of the idea I have in my head. Obviously there isn’t any detail in this but its just to show what I’m thinking.

The new part of the hinge would only probably have to open 10 degrees, before using the existing part of the hinge to open vertically.

This would allow a similar design to the bottom plastic pane of the door to be used on the upper part of the door.

Are you thinking the whole door pushes out or it angles so the rear end pushes out further than the front?

I really would love an enclosed Twizy, and think this is key if Renault are serious about selling many in the UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if Renault were already hard at work on a proper fully enclosed system.

I guess that depends on what would work best but initially was thinking that it just angles out, so the back would come out further than the front.

I was thinking it best for simplicity and clearance if the hinge pivot simply moved out enough for a fixed window to clear the arch, then pulled in to a redesigned catch?

I think this would make the door awkward to close and open if you’re having to move the whole thing outwards and inwards.

With the hinge just angling outward it would allow you to pull it closed like a normal door effectively allowing you to slam it shut and only worry about one end of the door.

Another solution is to design a hinge that automatically pulls the door outwards and upwards in one movement which surely can’t be too difficult.

Yeah, there will be an engineering solution after trial and error. I guess an existing car design could be modified with lightness and simplicity in mind.

looking at the Twizy without doors, with its chamfered edge around the side openings, I would propose that a 2nd generation Twizy door would do exactly as you describe, popping out and then upwards. The design would be more complicated and heavier and I’m sure it is already on the drawing board for a more advanced Twizy now that it is outselling all of Renaults other EVs. I still cant get over how simple the Twizy is as a design, it really is half finished by comparison to other cars, only the other day I discovered that the Twizy has no interior courtesy lights.

Ahem, said ‘talented person’ at yer service :smiley:

I am not really ‘in love’ with the Twizy’s Lamborghini-esque doors. I get that it’s space conservative to have doors opening upwards, saving width over height, but if I was to redevelop or re-fabricate the doors, I would make them normal. Less hassle!

Otherwise, we would need to do a spring’d mechanism where the door would thrust out about 25mm and then thrust upwards suddenly. This way it wouldn’t be bent, but the doors would move out.

Edit: Didn’t see the second page, seems me and you think on the same level :slight_smile: