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Door Operation

Has anyone else noticed that when the weather is cold the doors lift a lot slower and maybe don’t make it all the way without assistance Compare this with summer when they pop up quite happily.

I was worried about mine until I went to the Service Centre some 25 miles away this week. A chilly morning and the doors needed help opening both here and in Poole. The when I collected Twizy they were super smooth. Oh I thought; they adjusted them. How nice…

An hour later after they had cooled down they were back to sluggish. Must be those viscous hinges!!! (or is that vicious)

It is down to temperature, the doors are lifted by gas struts like on a car hatchback which are affected by the cold as the gas gives less pressure.
The Twizy was engineered in a warm climate and needs stronger struts for cold markets. When in a warm workshop for a while, they lift better, hence the reason they worked after.

It should be possible to replace them with more powerful after market units if it is a real problem for you.
We have had the same problem on a Malaysian car in the family-the factory boot struts do not work in the winter, so were swapped with Daihatsu struts which are higher pressure.

My Microcar is exactly the same, in Summer the rear boot door works fine.
As soon as cold weather arrives I have to hold the boot door open with my head when putting stuff in and out :smiley: