Door Panel Attachment

Has anyone removed the outer door panel for whatever reason? (Painting,etc?) or can explain to me how it is held in place?

Somehow (I think in installing the TWY Rain windows) the outer portion of the door came undone towards the back of the car. When I took the screw out from the window, the piece the screw screws into fell off and is not rattling somewhere inside the door.

I’d appreciate any advice in opening it up and putting it back together!

Hey Lucas, You’re not having much luck at the moment with that new car of yours. I’ve just sent you an e-mail with some info which may help. Let me know if you need any more.


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Was very helpful Mike! Finally got around to it today. Here’s a quick tutorial for anyone else needing to do this.

First, twist the mirror in/back towards the car to access a small opening. Use this to pry the outer portion of the mirror arm open and give it a good yank. There’s two clips that hold this on. I broke one of them pulling it off, but it holds very secure even with the one.

Under here there are two screws to take off the mirror.

Once the mirror is off, there is another screw below that holds the plastic painted portion of the door to the rest of the door structure.

From there, go to the back of the door to it’s latch. There’s a single screw to take out there.

Then take out the three screws on the interior-side of the door at the top (the ones used to mount windows).

And voilà! a few light pulls and the plastic painted portion comes right off (~4 clips at the bottom).

(I have no idea how this optical illusion happened - the reflection makes it look like my car frame (black) is made of the stones/snow on the ground.

Here are photos of the clips that hold the door together from the inside at the top. One had fallen off when I installed the TWY Rain windows and was rattling around within the door.

Here’s also the part number, should anyone ever need to order a right side black door body part :innocent:


Today I tried to remove the interior door card.
Think I am one bolt away hopefully, and it should slide off the arm.
Did you get yours off or just apart? I got the top cover off easily enough, but not sure if I need to take the window panel off or not next?!

I only needed to take the top cover off to access the rattling clip. Another thread on here says you should be able to unbolt the door from the hinge once the cover is off… but it didn’t sound like he had done it himself.
Have you had any luck?

Got stuck on this bolt. Need to wd40 it, or maybe a bigger wrench.
Big socket set wouldn’t fit, small set was too weak and started to round the bolt. Think then that it all will come off the arm. Unfortunately rain halted play, so I put most the screws back until Friday.

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