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Doors, how necessary are they?

Previously I’d had said vital but I know of a doorless twizy for sale at the moment that’s going for stupidly cheap, and I’m starting to reconsider…

My main worry is when two up, obviously I’ll be fine but anyone in the back will hate it! Are there after market accessories to get round this?

I did see lov iou has something but it seems really ill thought out and fiddly!

Doors provide more storage space for shopping but I think some of the zip up window solutions work better without doors.
Also if you need to hop in and out of the Twizy in a hurry or shoot film out of it then doorless is the way to go.

I’ve only seen one zip up solution for use without doors and that was the lov iou one mentioned above can you point me towards the others?

We have 7 Twizys and all have doors except the one I use myself. We chose to do that to see what it was like and because we were really interested in what a minimalist car would be like, because we felt that the more like a car you make something like a Twizy, the more you would start to compare it with a ‘proper’ car and find it wanting! But we have driven both kinds extensively and our (biassed) conclusion is that the doorless one is quieter and more conventient to get into and out of and (provided you have mud flaps) actually drier most of the time. I say most of the time because without doors you can get splashed by other road users if you’re very unlucky - I think it’s happened to us once. The reason is that rain drips off the roof and falls INSIDE the doors if you have them, placing a damp surface next top you while you’re driving.

The only time we would prefer having doors is when carrying luggage or a dog. Then the floor on the near side provides useful extra space. Also, a closed door probably provides some greater security when parked in town - though for greater peace of mind you would then need to get windows as well, which we found to be quite claustrophobic when we tried them. This isn’t a great issue for us out here in the country where there are fewer people and you tend to know more of them anyway.