Downhill speed

Finally out with Kenneth powerbox and got 66mph 106.2 km/h downhill. On medium setting. Hope I didn’t melt the batteries.

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Nice, I have touched 71mph once downhill on max power and no issues with mine

At our current regen setting, we find that the motor won’t bring the Twizy to a halt from 60mph going downhill!

Most of the time, our Twizy goes about as fast as we want to go, for about as far as we want to go. And with the Powerbox, we find that if you pay attention you very rarely have to use the brakes - which paradoxically mean that it is important to do so deliberately to clean off the rust! Arresting a high speed descent gives us a good opportunity for some much-needed brake maintenance! :slight_smile:

I have regen set at 250 for the last 4 weeks and can drive without using brakes much. I must say I don’t notice a significant extra range.

It would be interesting if Kenneth knows with the regulator how much energy can go back to the batteries. For instance anything above 200 just cannot be absorbed by the battery as only 2k
w/10amps will be accepted. The same for foot braking which I suspect would have a high ampage that only 30% actual can be accepted for the very short time using it.

Far better to free ride in my experience and balance the throttle between the in/out arrows.

I will lower my settings today and see what difference it makes.

Haven’t noticed much difference in range, but I’m putting that down to the fact that we probably use more power, more of the time, just by taking advantage of the greater acceleration - even though we (try to) drive at much the same speed! And this is balanced by the greater regen, I’m guessing and hoping. The range estimate does seem much more volatile, which suggests to me that unless we concentrate we will tend to use more power.

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Twizy’s battery charger charges the battery with 32 amp at 57.4 volts. when you regenerate you can charge the battery with up to 200 amp that is slightly more than 6 times as much as what the charger can provide. The LCD screen shows the Amp that goes into the battery when you regenerate.

but it is only a myth that regeneration is very effective. rolling effect is in many cases much better than regeneration. Regeneration is only good when you use it instead of the brake (that is when you have to use the brakes).
There are many who use regeneration by small hills and then accelerate again when they come down on the plains. then regen is only working against you.

A good tip is: roll when you can and regenerate only when you need :slight_smile: then you are most efficient :-))


So when you say roll, do you me switch to neutral?

I have been playing switching it to neutral to increase range because i guess regen might not be very effective and you cannot fill an already full battery at the start of a trip .

The first time I tried this i was slightly alarmed by how little the brakes responded. A lot of the brakes effect is actually regen engine breaking. The brakes are there - but you need to stand on them in neutral.

Regeneration is very effective around here on very long downhill runs, with the additional major benefit of reduced brake-pad wear! We can now proceed safely and under control down much steeper hills without using the brakes. It also feels like we get an arresting effect at higher speeds, than before, though that could be an illusion. I agree with Kenneth that “gliding” saves much more energy than alternately accelerating and slowing, unless your trip is actually downhill most of the time, with only occasional climbs.

I mean then turning Neutral regeneration off by holding Button 1 for more than 3 seconds. or adjust the Neutral braking to 0 or only up to max 50.
and then rather use the foot slightly on the brake pedal when you want to regenerate :-). that way you keep your brakes alive and regenerate only when you need it :slight_smile: that’s how I like to have my regen.
(50 on Neutral braking and 200 to 250 on Footbraking)

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It is the way forward Kenneth I agree. Saves non ev’s wondering why I am breaking with no break light on to. Will be worse in the dark when they see no brake light.

Now we just need a KERS or capacitor addition for quick regen boost. I know a few manufacturers have looked at this or flywheel storage but no real world cost effective solution yet.