Dream Paint

I photoshop when I am bored… so for those who cant make up their mind on the best colour combo…


That looks pretty trippy! Are you planning a colour change on your Twiz?

I am a fairly confident vinyl wrapper and these bits are about as easy as it gets I think . I have some “RenaultSport” blue to try - a odd metallic grey - yellow and red… not sure what way to go - but as I am going to install a new roof soon need to get the plastic off anyway!

I drove a Twizy in France with a glass roof in summer and had to wear a baseball cap to stop my head getting cooked :sweat_smile:

I ditched the idea of changing my roof to a glass one.

When touring Europe a few years back in my mx5 there were times I drove with the roof up and AC on as the heat was so bad. It doesn’t get that hot too often in Costa Del Essex.
The pano roof is planned to be a custom solar - see through glass with inset renaultsport style solar modules…so part shading - but should make it feel “light and airy”. I saw the technology when visiting a passivhaus development - and instantly wanted my sunroom to look like it!


interesting , so the solar modules are part of the glass or laid on top?

They are in the glass itself - like a sealed triple glazed unit is in layers - this just happens to have some solar in the middle. Makes for a really nice effect

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Just painted this


side skirts and bumpers are black opacity (Porsche) mudguards black pearl


Very nice! Black it the hardest colour to paint - you did a great job!
Great bucket seat - that’s on my to do list this week. Any details on how you did it?

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Very good video , many thanks :smile:

Agreed - good video - will brush up on my translation skills.
Are these universal low profile seat brackets?
I want to cover / reduce the height of mine.
Or get a cupholder thing to cover it up.

Not universal but you can modify…(universal ones are lower)… before starting this job you have to pay attention to the passager legs …if seat is too wide you will have troubles closing the doors with passager behind…if is too high it will hit the roof trying to fold it forward (if it has that function) I bought this seat measuring carefully everything…if the guides are low no need to cover

in this picture you can see that low universal guides are harder to see…no need to cover… they seem original and at the same time maintaines the seat low…

this is a thing that all Twizys should have … bottom and foot repose in aluminium because the plastic ones break …p.s: the foot repose is painted (black) but is also aluminium… You will feel safer and will give a quality touch as you won’t feel the floor soft and shaky anymore…

I will try modify the seat brackets I have first.
To get the seat out you pull the seat pad out first to access the screws?
I did look at a Tesla seat - but it was very wide and heavy. The smart fourtwo seats are quite small - and have been fitted by others so I should be okay. Just want it to sit low like yours does. It looks good!

The metal plate will be one @Rtwizy69 should look at making!

yep pull the seat pad towards the front of the car.

it should come off easy and then you have access to the seat rail