Driving by the seat of my pants

Over the weekend I have d Me a few runs locally but today was my dry run of the main reason I got the car, then drive from our new house to Ebbsfleet station - 16 miles each way.

There is a mix of roads including national speed limit and some hills, but before doing it for real tomorrow night wanted to make sure I could get there.

Turned on this morning and got a range of 38 miles - had that every time I have got in so does that sound right or on the low side?

2 miles in it had dropped to 30 miles (driving mostly on bar 2) and I was worried it would not make it.

Kept feathering and recharging where I could and it went up a bit and stabilised before dropping again.

I got to the station with 20 miles left on range and one bar above half on the charge.

Drive back was ok, got home with 3 miles and the single bar left (it beeped about 4 miles out to tell me).

I was wrapped up well and didn’t feel cold and enjoyed the drive, I do need gloves though.

So about an hours drive and 33 miles on the clock, but that was a round trip and I am worried when parked during the day how many miles the battery will lose as well.

It’s 2 years old with 389 miles on the clock

If that’s as cold as it gets and its done the mileage, no reason it won’t do it again and again.
I’ve never noticed any loss of range with it parked up for the day.
It will only improve as the weather warms up (if… )
You need to watch how you drive it or you may find yourself running short.
Last week I took mine out for a thrash to warm the gearbox up for a oil change.
I was struggling to do 30 miles on a full charge!
Just remember the 30-50 rule, 30 miles at 50mph and 50 miles at 30mph


Thanks Andy - so the 60 odd miles that you read about is really not factual at all?

I was just surprised that when I switched it on I get 38 miles on the range (34 miles today) and was expecting more I suppose.


I have never seen the estimated mileage 60 or above, I have seen it as high as 57 after I set off once. but generally at this time of year it will be mid 30’s. It will be higher in summer. The value varies depending on how you drove the last few miles. Have look at your eco score and if it has any - (dashes) then you have been driving harder than you should for maximum range.

I live at the top of a big hill and my eco score is always lower when I get home and so the estimated range is lower than I usually end up doing.

You will get used to it.

Thanks for this - yes I found the eco score yesterday with the button on the stalk, I have been getting 3 or 4 circles on the journey yesterday and this morning, I certainly think its more up hill on the way to the station so expect to see it better going home.

I still had 20 miles when I pulled up today so should be fine for getting home.

Its just a comfort thing at the moment and not wanting to get stuck! I should also dig out the number for the free recovery, but imagine I need to be paying for the battery before they will come and rescue me

mines said 32 miles when i got it. i am now up to about 48 miles ish which i thought was good. eco all the way :slight_smile:

I had a whole 45 miles on the clock when I started up this morning :smile:

For a moment I was stumped as had no idea what to do with all that extra range

it makes me smile when i go to jaynes i nearly run out of power according to the screen but when i charge and come home i have nearly what i set off with the battery or state of charge is what to look at