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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Driving in the snow is a challenge but fun

Made a movie this morning:

Looks like fun!

I wonder if Top Gear will do the Aygo football game with Twizys? The goal posts made me think of it!

At Top Gear Live, they used Aston Martin Cygnets for synchronised stunt manouevres, the Twizy would be good too.

My work colleague was having a bit of banter with me last week about how his BMW 328 would be better in the snow than my Twizy :smiley:
Anyway we go home the same way, and when it was snowing heavily with about 2 or 3 inches on the main road, he couldn’t keep up,with me, I was easily able to do 40 to 45 mph, and watched him disappear in my mirrors.
He said next day hat his traction light was permanently on almost and was too scared to go any quicker.
BMW 0 Twizy 1

Took mine out on sheet ice today, not sure if it is because my tyres are wearing or I am so damned heavy or what but sweet baby Jesus it was terrifying-it just wants to go backwards into the kerb.

Having driven lots of rwd cars and done skid pan stuff I was not expecting it to be quite so lairy 8-|

After watching lightly’s video, he has it under control-I think my 150kg makes it mega tail happy. Not doing that again :o

Make that BMW 0 Twizy 2 as BMW’s don’t like hills and snow. I waited patiently on the hill while they reversed back down the hill, off the pavement two or three times and got out the way. I simply then continued up the hill passed them with a smile.

Not sure if you saw this on another thread but here is mine.


Empty Carpark.

Was thinking of going again today, but not sure I have the power for that and the trip home.

I have had a bit of practice over the years in my other car :smiley:

The C5? :lol:

I’ve had loads of RWD cars, but the Twizy was violent and super keen to go backwards into a ditch.
Maybe I’m getting old and crap!