Driving newly purchased 2nd hand Twizy home to Portsmouth

Yes I purchased a Twizy 2nd hand today from Melksham. Trying to get it to Portsmouth. I drove Melksham to Warminister no problem. I couldn’t get the The symphony ev connector type 2 (I think) to 3 pin plug that came with the car, to connect at the charge master point in Warminister male into female didn’t register. Gave up and drove here to little chef west Knoyle. It’s charging! As of 15:35. Going to head to Salisbury next maybe Renault dealership but there is no 3 pin there. any advice?

Brave man!

The Renault dealership really doesn’t have a spare 3 pin plug you could use?

If that’s the case my advice would be to sweet talk anyone, a restaurant, hotel even just a house! I’ve done that before when I ran out of charge, although I did only need a 10 minute charge.

Otherwise hopefully somebody from this forum that lives close by can help you out. Anyone?

I have pinned the topic so hopefully somebody will see it and help you out :thumbsup:

I tried charging I here on the charge master point type 2 and all good. I was going to Renault dealership in Salisbury but they shut at 5pm.

Accident on the road to Salisbury so turned back to little chef to charge more. Might have to take back roads

Made to Salisbury. Charging again in peters finger park and ride. Tiring now

Barriers went down locking me into the car park here! I reckon I can get out through here though

Ok now I’m in trouble. I turned up at Rowhams services with the Ecotricity card but it’s all changed. I think I have just registered to change my electicity and Gas just to create an account to get energy. But I don’t think it has worked. Currently stuck here it’s 8:25pm

Ok I’m proper stuffed. So close. I have registers to change house energy provider to Ecotricity. Ecotricity don’t seem to be around til Monday morning. Battery is flat. Called my mate he is coming with extension lead - I’m going to have to hunt for a 3 pin somewhere in these services.

Can you not just ring Renault for assistance?

What’s the number?

I’m still at Rownhams services. We jhave just run an extension cable out of the front door of the Sevices and its charging!

Ran out on battery 2 miles from home. Hand brake is now broken.

Waiting with my mate for local recovery.

With handbrake broken and flat battery it got transported to local Renault dealership. I will have to deal with it later.

2:38 in the morning now going to bed.

Damn, what a night for you! :frowning:

I had an issue with my handbrake last week, there is a manual overide lever located further down the handbrake column.

Hope it doesnt put you off the Twizy!

HI! Just read this thread. So sorry that you had such a difficult trip home :pensive:
Ecotricity have now changed to an app for charging your car. It now costs £6 for a thirty minute charge, but obviously the Twizy needs 2-3 hours for a full charge. Even though the charger is churning out Kw’s worth of electricity, it is stepped down to 13amps with your adapter cable and has no effect on your charging time. Having a 13 amp extension cable in your cubby behind the rear seat would certainly be the way to go if you are travelling this far again.
The other card to go for is Charge your Car. This costs £20 per year but there are no plans to charge for usage in the immediate future.
Hope this does not dampen your spirits… It is a fab car and I wish you many more happy miles of driving :slight_smile:

This symphony ev adapter came with the twizy yesterday but it doesn’t plug in the big motorway service station Ecotricity even though it kind of fits.

The car is currently charging at Renault dealership! And they are hanging on to it to check on the broken handbrake handle.

That type of adaptor is only suitable for 7kW or 22kW posts. It does look like it should fit into Ecotricity rapid chargers, but the pins will not make contact - one plug is shorter than the other. It was designed like that to stop people using adaptors and daisy chaining cables together at rapid chargers.

There are some 7kW Ecotricity posts , but not very many. The cost of changing electric and gas supplies to Ecotricity is way more than any benefit you get back - especially for a Twizy owner. You are restricted to 52 plug ins per year !!