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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

DS3 Electrum

My beautiful DS3 gets a electric power train makeover. Only as a concept however…

Like that they havent lost much carry capacity as it offers bags of space.

Like the 30 minute quick charge time.

Like the performance hasn’t changed, even the small diesel makes this thing fly.

Dislike the 75 mile range, c’mon its a huge 5 seater supermini, i want 100 miles!!!

Been trying to promote the joys of electric motoring on the DS3 OC but with no luck, their all petrol and derv heads!
I do like my diesel engine in mine but its so not sexy haha!

I get plenty of these in my workshops, (not electric ones). Dont spend all your time chasing high MPG figures or your DPF will get blocked, make sure you give it plenty of welly at least once a week.

Haha I give it welly about 4 times a day, motorway driving everyday means hard acceleration! Chased mpg once and got 60mpg but its hard work and you can’t drive like everyone else if you aim to. It’s why I don’t plan on doing more than 30 miles in a twizy if I get one as il likely run the battery down real quick.