Easy Twizy wheel tracking video

Done this today after my wheels were wearing unevenly and looked severely toed out at the front.
It was so easy to see how far the wheels were out and all you need are two axle stands or similar plus two spanner so.no need to measure anything.give it a try.
Just fixed my wife’s car also which always wore a front wheel out on the inside.turns out it was 7mm out .now fixed.i wish I learned this years ago.

Brilliant! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:
My Twizy has an almost illegal front offside tyre due to it scrubbing on the inside.
The left tyre in comparison is almost like new, the car has covered 14750 miles.
So, the video shows your Twizy 2mm Toe in on the rear, is that what it should be???
So to adjust my right front wheel I just adjust the bar until the string is touching back and front on that wheel?
Guess that’s my job for tomorrow :smiley:


I think this method only shows toe out on front wheels and toe in on rear wheels.

How will we know if there is a toe out on (one of) the rear wheel(s)?
How will we know there is a toe in on (one of) the front wheel(s)?

I recommend the Gunson Trakrite.

Quick question, when you adjusted the Twizy wheel that was scrubbing, how many turns did you need to do?
Would just like a rough idea how much I need to start off with :slight_smile:


Ok folks the video dosent show it very well due to camera angle when you wrap the string (the thinner the better .I used a builders string line)around the car it becomes very obvious what way each wheel is pointing.
For example the rear wheels are toed in which is correct for a rear wheel drive car.plus I checked it against my wife’s slk rear wheel drive and it was the same.also her car always wore one of its front tyres out prematurely and I just lived with it for 10 years.today I checked using the same method and the wheel in question was 7.5 mm toed in.it was so easy to see a blind man could have spotted something was wrong.plus her car always pulled to the side but no more.

When you get to the front wheels it’s so easy to see if it’s toed out or in.

The main thing to do which I didn’t do at first is make sure your steering wheel is straight then check what the front wheels are doing.one of my front wheels was miles out and this matched the uneven wear I was getting.ive now made the front wheels zero ie not toed in or out.

The best thing of all is its a NO COST 10 minute check of your car.you can compare both front wheels to each other at the same time.therefore you can clearly see If one wheel is different to the other.

On the wife’s slk one front wheel was approx 1 mm toed in but the other was 7.5 mm toed in for example.

There is another more in depth video of the same method on YouTube.

In my opinion it’s so simple.it checks for toe in and toe out.my brother had a track-rite but it started to play up after a while and he threw it in the bin as I asked him for it .
Before dismissing this method go give it a try .i think you will be surprised.

The bad wheel I had to turn the hexagonal rod about 5 flats.but it was miles out I suggest 1 flat at a time you can see exactly what’s going on if your going the wrong direction or not.plus if your worried you might balls it up just count how many flats you’ve moved the rod so you can put it back again.

Lastly I’ve got fatter tyres on the front so the mudguards may need removed if you’ve got skinny tyres fitted incase the string fouls the mudguards first.

If you try it let me know how you got on.

It seems a splendid system indeed, although I still don’t understand :grinning:

Please shed some light on my questions.

  • When the original rear tyres of the Twizy are 145 and the original front tyres are 125, what does the gap between the backside of the front wheel and the string tell you?

  • how far do you set the front posts apart? I think that distance is crucial to diagnose a possible toe in of the front wheels. As stated above the toe-out can also not be diagnosed because of the different tyres front and rear.

  • I can not think of a way to diagnose a toe out of the rear wheels with your system, because on the backside you have no fixed point to measure against. And again, as the tyres in the front are smaller than in the rear what does a gap tell us?

Question 1 if I’ve understood you right then a gap at rear of front wheel means you are toe out at the front.

Question 2. You pivot the string from the rear of the rear tyre and bring the posts in close and closer until you can see a difference between the front and rear of the front tyre.if the front of the tyre is closer to the string or even touching before the back then you are toe out . Bring the posts inwards until you can see clearly any differences from front to rear of front wheel.then go to opposite side to compare.you will easily see any differences from 1 side to the other.even if the rear wheels were 12inches wider than the front wheels the string if parallel passing by the front wheel means you can measure from the string to the wheel by eye or ruler etc.

Question 3 you can tell if rear wheel is toed out but it should be toed in .say for instance it was toed out severely .the string line would have to touch rear tyre at front and back at same time and if you then project this forwards to the front of the car at the same angle then you would end up feet away from the front wheel .

It’s hard to convey in words what to do exactly.thats why I suggest giving it a try just to get your head around what it actually looks like .your eyes are good at finding any gaps next to the string.

On my car I could see visually my rear wheels were toe in and my front wheels were massively toed out before I put a string anywhere near the car plus one of my front wheels was worn badly at one side.if your car is ok then no need to check.

@Subevo: Thanks for your elaborate answer!

Going to get some string for the Weekend :slight_smile:
I know the front left wheel on my Twizy is correct with no noticeable wear on the tyre after 14500 miles, so I will use that as my Benchmark and set the right front wheel to suit :smiley:


Here’s a good video of suspension setup.fast forward to 3.00 for toe in and out settings.

Great explanation video thanks for posting

You need to find the correct settings from Renault really, Gunson trakrite is very accurate.

The Twizy is usually toeing IN too much on the rear, it’s of the reasons why you see so much wear on the outside of the rear tyres.

The Gunson does a smashing job, for a little more than the cost a place will charge, it will last you years.

I would agree that the Twizy rears are toed in too much as standard and I’ve adjusted them also. If you Found track rite a good tool then great.when I asked my brother for a loan of his he said it was crap and he threw His away which I was a bit shocked about.

Yes it’s a really good tool is the Trakrite, but you have to take it apart and clean all the rollers if dirt gets in.

Can the front and Back wheels on a Twizy be adjusted using a Trakrite.
Do the rear wheels need checking???


Yes, at least the right rear wheel of my new Twizy Cargo was way out of specs. The range exploded after the adjustment :grin:

I’ve ordered a Trackrite :slight_smile:
Should be here before the Weekend


Just a quick pointer on the String Method.
As Subevo pointed out above, the mudguards foul the string on standard wheels so the front mudguards need removing.
That’s why I ordered the Trackrite.
For Reference, the Tracking Locknut is 22mm and the Tiebar is 16mm, I used a adjustable spanner for the Tiebar


Just got the Trackrite and checked the front offside and the rear offside wheel.

This is the result of the rear offside, I checked it twice and it was consistent both times.
The front offside was not as bad but still out.
Looks like all the wheels will need adjusting


Great picture.i also noticed my range being much better after adjusting to my delight and amazement.