EEEK! It's a Chinese Twizy!

Not sure how they can get away with it but what do you think guys? Specs and all?!

To read the full details CLICK HERE

Loads of Chinese Twizy’s on Alibaba.
Here is a link to another discussion.

I love the doors…even though aren’t lambo.

But they do open as proper doors and far less windy!!!

Some guy is selling Twizy look-alikes on eBay

Lot of money for 25kph

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I wonder what the battery infra is for this, would be interesting if they were swappable

IT’s all OK, don’t panic, take a towel!

And it’s not the only “copy” and there will be more of them soon

not exactly the “copy” : Nissan

link1 link2 link3 link4 link5

Renault has developed an open-source automotive platform for a compact and lightweight electric vehicle, based on its existing Twizy EV, which could enable those wanting to build their own electric vehicle company to jumpstart the process. In partnership with OSVehicle and ARM, Groupe Renault will release its POM platform to the world as the “first open-source mass market vehicle platform,” which will allow third parties to both copy and modify the existing hardware and software to create their own version of a totally customizable EV.

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