EK143 Batteries out of stock

Hi, I am trying to get a new EK143 battery for my Twizy, but it appears that there is no stock in the UK, I have tried Alpha Batteries & The battery Shop, but they are saying 4-5 weeks before they get any in. Anyone know where else I could try without paying Renault prices?

Try the search or this http://forum.evowners.com/t/12v-battery-purchase/1808

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Have you tried these people?

Try Rock batteries they got mine

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.facebook.com/rockbatteries&ved=2ahUKEwjQq9aj9OfpAhWRUcAKHcSvB2gQFjALegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2CNKTLn5wr4VX5iYikecVS[quote=“Ozfreire, post:1, topic:5402, full:true”]
Hi, I am trying to get a new EK143 battery for my Twizy, but it appears that there is no stock in the UK, I have tried Alpha Batteries & The battery Shop, but they are saying 4-5 weeks before they get any in. Anyone know where else I could try without paying Renault prices?

If the Twizy uses the same sort of logic as my smart, the fault logging system will need resetting. It records an incident every time the system sees a low battery condition. I could get nothing out of the Smart despite recharging the 12V battery. As soon as it was floated with a pair of jump leads the main battery indicator showed that the traction battery was at 80% but it still refused to power up. Being under warranty I got the Mercedes roadside assistance out to it. He plugged in the diagnostic tester and it showed “fault log full” All the faults were for one or other of the effects of a low 12v battery. So he cleared the log, and everything was fine. You need someone with a diagnostics reader and the list of codes from Renault. As a last resort you may have to pay their prices but there’s nothing more than a few minutes work involved.

Tanya batteries will have them in stock next week about 55 delivered I believe.

Too much time on my hands at the moment , i’m going to replace the 12V battery with a super capacitor battery setup :heart_eyes:

Just have a question out with Kenneth before i rip the old battery out :thinking:

i was thinking of making a li-ion 12v battery with bms for my twizy but also dont know if its possible

I’m also waiting for a new EK143 battery - I’ve contracted a number of suppliers who appear to be out of stock. I’m waiting on back order with The Battery Shop right now.

I personally think the Li-ion sounds very interesting. I’ve seen one on ebay at the link below and the spec is 20ah 12v so exceeds that of the 14ah that the Exide battery provides. The only snag seems to be a ‘peak’ output of 25a beyond which the advert advises that the battery will simply cut out.

I’ve seen in another article here that the DC-DC from the traction to the 12v runs at 23/25a but I’m not sure if that reflects the ‘peak’ that could run through. Obviously I wouldn’t want a battery that risks cutting out.

Seems to me this could be a good option as it’s a weight save from the Exide and could be mounted elsewhere on the car if necessary to aid access and charging without the front panel being off. I could also carry around a spare that was charged in case any issues with the original.

Thoughts welcomed!


Its not the out put that is the issue. Its the way you charge them. So they are not direct replacements in a car. Also the price.

assume when you talk about the way it is charged you mean that the DC to DC wouldn’t support/charge it?

the charge from the twizy dc-dc converter will cause the battery to overheat and possible explode.

i melted one in my race car , filled the cabin full of fumes before it started to smoke after an extended race session , the alternator was only 30A and we assumed it would be safe.

currently experimenting with a super capacitor battery on the twizy.

It is an issue of price. Realistically maybe 3 times as much.
There would need to be a BMS on the lipo that understood and could take the amps being fed in from the traction batteries. I’m surprised Mr. Kirby hasnt gone down that route . It would be lighter. Probably a similar chance of it exploding as the Renault OEM ones do. I guess it depends on the quality of your components - i.e. price. £160 to lose 7kg of weight…maybe give you an extra mile?

Yep, the one on ebay is 20ah is £97 so a bit pricey really. The one I’m interested in is 30ah at £133. If it was as simple as wiring it in, I’d overlook the price in favour of the fact I could mount it somewhere a bit more accessible for top ups, winter charging and any roadside replacements should the worst happen.

I’m not competent enough to start getting into BMS set ups etc. so on that alone I’d probably not want to deviate too far from OEM. It’s a bit of a shame really as would have liked that option!

Thanks for feedback - I’ll continue to wait for stock of my Exide battery…


I don’t know if it’s the same in UK, but here in France it’s much easier to purchase a Fulmen FK143 battery that the Exide EK143 (I don’t know why). The Exide one seems out of stock everywhere but the Fulmen one is in stock in a lot of places. Hope this can help.
They are identical except the label.

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Very interesting. Batteries and solar have them listed in the UK but out of stock. But they are listed as Twizy batteries - and cheaper! Good finds!

I received my Fulmen FK143 battery this morning and made the exchange with no problem apart the fact that due to my age it’s not easy to work at ground level !
The battery is exactly the same size and the connectors are exactly the same.
The old battery was in rather bad shape

This is a 2016 Twizy but I bought it second hand in April 2019 and I don’t know if the previous owner already changed it or not.

look at the date code on the battery , looks OEM to me :wink:

Thanks @m1n1s, where is the date code ?
EDIT: Engraved I read 280915-LE does that means it’s a 2015 battery ? Not too bad for a battery that spend all it’s life in the south of France. In fact my friends tell me that 5 years is a good lifetime for a battery here even for non EV.

Another question: I know that the Fulmen battery came precharged but how long do you suggest to let the Twizy on charge before trying to start it to verify that I solved the problem ?
Sorry for my ignorance but all this is new to me: I am 66 and the Twizy is my first vehicle :smile: