ElectrAA, Great Malvern, Worcestershire - Sunday 4th September

I’m heading off to ElectrAA Electric Vehicle show on Sunday and meeting a friend there. Would be great if you a few of you from the forum were around to meet up at some point.

Tickets are FREE and can be registered for here: http://evown.rs/2csLWPC

It was in my plans and I had a ticket but sadly I am not free to go at this time. Would have been great to put a few faces and voices to some of the names on here.
Please post a report I’m sure there’ll be a lot of interest.

I will indeed post a report. I have a busy weekend actually, driving from Essex to Yorkshire in a Zoe with a stop in Sheffield along the way, then I’m down to Malvern from Yorkshire and then back home to Essex.

Currently charging at an Ecotricitty point for the very first time…