Electric 600w heater

I wonder if the 70 amp start up and 52amp running would be too much for the little 12v battery and wiring?


Any thoughts?

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I don’t know about the battery, but I’m sure if the battery stands for it, you’ll need extra wiring and extra fusing for this aplication. And those amps will heat the battery good too, for sure.
There is another question: can you fill the 12V battery quick enough as it suck from it?

You would overload the charger on which the 12v output is rated at 25A or 27A maximum.

That’s a shame as it does get cold in there even with the windows on

Where about are you in the world? I’ve had my Twizy over 6 years and drive it right through the UK winters. I don’t have windows. I do have a hat and gloves.

I am in the U.K., I was in shorts and t shirt and it was a little windy even with the heat we are having.

Some people find there is a draught that comes up through the steering column. Use a flip flop to create a gasket.

Thanks, I will check that out