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Electric Campervan Experiences

Hi All,

We are thinking of buying a small van to convert and use for camping trips, but are worried about the vans range and access to charging stations.

Has anyone got any experience trying longer trips accross the UK using and electric car or van?

We totally understand that trips would need a bit more planning and are willing to make some effort to make it work, but is this just a terrible idea?

We’re based in Bristol, and would hope to be doing things like:
-Regular medium distance trips to Devon/Beacons/Cotswolds etc.
-Over to London occationally, where we have a charge point
-The odd longer trip to North wales, peaks & possibly scotland

Any thoughts/input would be very welcome!

(Currently thinking: Nissan e-NV200, 40kWh, ~300W Solar panel
Thoughts also welcome on this).


Hello and welcome!

Whilst it’s not my personal area of experience, I know of one person, Glyn Hudson, who has taken a 24kWh e-NV200, converted it to a campervan and has driven from North Wales to Spain and back again several times.


It’s worth reading his blogs and YouTube videos on the topic. He seems to have found the journeys do-able with a fair bit of planning. I know of him as he is behind https://openenergymonitor.org/ who make an open source EVSE and also energy monitoring kit that I have been using for quite a while now.

Thanks, these are great resources!
Certainly looks workable

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