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Electric for charging

Hi…does anyone know roughly how much electric it takes to fully charge a twizy?

It takes 6.0 to 6.5 kWh.

I thought the Twizy battery was 7kwh and takes around 8kwh to charge from empty.

Total capacity is around 7 kWh, of which 6.1 kWh can be used. The charger pulls 6.0 to 6.5 kWh depending on the method of measurement.

Thanks guys…day 2 of twizy ownership and is going good…its getting lots of attention especially with my banjo wedged in the back seat…!.

yeah it’s a real eyecatcher! I’ve got mine for about 5 weeks now and did not have a single trip to the supermarket or where-ever without explaining to someone - what it is - how much fun it is - and how much better I am than them for driving EV. I still like making fun of people that need to go to stations to pump fluids.

3Kwh surely? The best I could get was 9.75amps drawn - it certainly didn’t break into double figures. 7Kw would toast the Twizy battery!

The figure 7 was a battery *capacity *figure, hence 7kWh