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Electrical fault on 2012 Twizy

Hope someone can help? I was out in my 2012 Twizy last weekend and it went dead on me when I turned the lights on. It was raining that evening so wasn’t sure if there was a short somewhere. Found it would start again and behaved if I drove on side lights only. Today I was out during the day and flashed to let someone out and it did it again.
I’m wondering if it’s the light switch on the indicator control is causing the problem? Rang Renault to price a new switch and was quoted £118 plus VAT!!! If it had have been less I would have chanced it but now feel I need to have more certainty before paying this out.
Has anyone had similar problems and worked out what the problem was?

I think I would buy the new stalk and try it. Make sure your 12v battery is fully charged first and see if it still does it.

The 2012 cars have the old style charger that can fail (mine did) it stopped charging the 12v battery, yours could be dropping below a critical voltage when the lights go on.

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Thanks for this advice. I’m new to this so didn’t think about the 12 volt battery and charger. Would you know the best way to check them?

Take the little plastic cover off the front and look,at the battery first, some of them swell and the terminals corrode. Test the battery voltage and then charge it and test it hot off the charger and then again a few hours later.

There is a great product called ctek sense, it bolts to the terminals and you can constantly check voltage via an app. I used that and before I used a simple volt meter. My battery needed replacing.

The traction battery SHOULD keep the 12v topped up, mine did not so needed a new charger £600 plus vat.

If you search on here you can see the make and model of 12v batt that you need, let me know if you cannot find it and I will look it up for you from when I bought mine.

Where are you based?

Thanks again for the comprehensive reply. I’ll check all this out. Hopefully it’s not the charger! I’m in Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Keep us posted. Unfortunately you are too far away from me for me to offer any hand on help.

Just an update on my electrical problem. You were all right. Auxiliary battery was past its best. New battery and the Twizy is as good as new!! Thanks everyone for your help.

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